can I clean HEPA filters?

How to clean HEPA filters? Can I clean HEPA filters?

cleaning HEPA filtersYou have noticed that your vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter started to poorly suck in dust and quickly overheats?

Then it is time to clean it!

Let’s see if a HEPA filter can be cleaned or better replaced with a new one.

Cleaning a HEPA filter

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, note the material the HEPA filter is made from. They can be reusable and disposable.

Reusable (washable) – made from PTFE fibers filled with porous activated carbon. It neutralizes odors by capturing microscopic dust particles and gases from the air. The fact that it can be cleaned is mentioned in the vacuum cleaner instructions or indicated by the letter W in the model name.

Remember: a HEPA filter should be washed under a strong pressure of the cold water without the use of detergents. Do not rub it with a brush not to damage. Dry at room temperature.

Note: reusable HEPA filters can be also expired just as disposable ones, as pores of activated carbon get saturated and clogged with time. It loses its cleansing properties. That’s why even a washed filter gets musty odor. The service life of a HEPA filter is from 1 to 2 years, depending on vacuuming frequency;

Disposable (replaceable) – made from layers of paper or glass fiber with antimicrobial impregnation. Such filter should not be washed, because it deforms immediately. It is also useless to clean it by blowing air as dust microparticles get trapped in the filter fibers and can not be cleaned. It is better to replace it with a new one.

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