Best upright vacuums Buyer's Guide

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  1. I like your recommendation to consider the suction power of the vacuum in question. It makes sense that buying a vacuum is fairly straight forward if you know what you need. I need a vacuum that’s able to vacuum somewhat deep carpet and having more suction power would be very beneficial to ensure it’s able to do that. Thanks for the post, it has some great information that will be very beneficial to ensure the carpets are cleaned effectively.

  2. Yes I appreciate the information very much. Thanks to your helpful info I can make a much more educated decision.

  3. Thank you for your indepth review of best value upright vacuum. I’m a household guy who does all the work at home and looking for powerful vacuum to do almost all the cleaning job for carpet or floor.

  4. One important factor you left out of your trial was the hose length. As a short person, I need a hose that is long enough to reach the ceiling so I don’t have to climb on furniture. The newer vacuum I have is not on your list but has an extremely short hose and when I try to reach places the vacuum falls over and I would not recommend the vacuum to anyone. Please remember to rate most useful factors when comparing in the future.

  5. I reaaly appreciate that Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV365E is best vacuum cleaner in 2018. I buy one 6 months ago i really love its performance. Your post is very informational for newbies. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I was truly all set to buy this vac, untill I started reading the reviews at several other sights. Apparently Shark doesn’t stand behind their products very will and it will cost you plenty in shipping IF they send a new part to you and, again apparently, with no guarantee of the the new product or that it will fix your problem. And have also read about very poor customer service on the phone. Rude people. And 2 even got hung up on by Shark. I think I will have to shop around a bit more for a new vac.

  7. I suffer from chronic allergies and personally use the Dyson Ball in my home. It’s specifically designed for people like me that are allergic to dust. Bagless helps, but also it strives hard not to whip up the dust into the room whilst you’re vaccuming – which is a plus. I still have to wear a mask and use an air purifier when I do it, but since converting to the dyson, my problems with cleaning are drastically reduced.

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