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  1. i’ve bought samsung SE20 and i very like it. sucks like crazy!! but i don’t see any models of this brand in you review.. why samsung is not in your list?

    1. Yeah, suction is good. But we tested SR20 and noticed bad navigation. Vacuum missed some places and poorly cleaned near the walls. Check navigation on your vac and, please, tell us if it’s ok

  2. Thanks for helpful review. I’m gonna buy a robot vacuum, but I wonder if the brushes on them can scratch wooden floors?

    1. I got Dyson 360 for a Christmas and thought I was lucky. But this robot could not clean the simplest size room. Its navigation is terrible. It is very tall and can’t get under most of my furniture. Suction is not everything when you talk about robot vacs. I need to have some work done to it. So, I don’t recommend to buy this robot vac. Roomba is much better

    2. Mike, I’m sorry to be late with the reply. The main advantages of Dyson 360 are cyclone technology and extra power. But these features come at a cost – the vacuum is tall and loud. With the high price, we decided not include Dyson to our list. Keep in mind your furniture if you’re considering this robot vacuum

  3. I went the deebot M80, fit our budget and had all the features I has hoping to find in this range of cost. Haven’t been disappointed at. Its a single story house, but with a stucken living area, so I wanted something that wouldn’t fall off when cleaning the other areas, and other brands listed this ablilty after you programmed where these drops are in your home. This one was a sensor that manages it on its own. The little machine picks up a lot of stuff in very little time, and has been easy to maintain. Very please, and can run it during nap time without it waking up a sleeping baby. That itself is a HUGE plus.

  4. David, have you noticed any significant improvements from the Deebot M89Pro compared to the N79, mop capability aside? In terms of power and navigation are there any differences?

    1. Hi Daniel,
      As for navigation, during our tests, we did not notice any significant differences between M80 and N79. Both models use the same Smart Motion system and it works well. The manufacturer announced the advanced sensors in the M80. Perhaps, with longer tests and comparison of these robot vacuum cleaners, the effect of them will be more obvious.
      As for suction power, both models use the same motor and suction principle. The main difference is that the M80 has the Intensive mode, which is not in N79. This mode increases the power and speed of the brush rotations. Thus, using the Intensive mode, M80 copes better in particularly polluted areas. Also, it is necessary to take into account that the dust bin of M80 is much larger than in N79. Sometimes this can also affect the quality of the cleaning.
      I hope my answer will help you.

  5. Great article. I believe robot vacuums will soon replace regular vacuums but probably not until the far future. I’ve heard that the Dyson robotic vacuum cleaner is the strongest out of them all but I haven’t seen that many good reviews about it.

    1. Dyson produces good regular vacuum cleaners, but on the robot vacuums market they clearly failed

  6. I’ve been looking at the Deik robot vac, any reviews on it? It’s a little more in my price range

    1. Hi Jody,
      Sorry, we did not test Deik robot vacuum. Perhaps we will test it in the next update of our list

  7. good reviews. I would like to ask if there are any robot vacuums which will clean rugs with black patterns on them. I tried the Deebot N95 and Roomba 695 and neither of them worked.

    1. Hi Belmiro,
      Unfortunately, this is the problem of all robot vacuum cleaners. The black surface absorbs the sensor signal, which makes the robot think that it is approaching the edges and changing the direction of movement. Dark colors can be different and differently affect the sensors but to a greater or less extent all the robot vacuums that we tested faced this problem. Moreover, iRobot says that there is no adjustment that can be made to correct this behavior

  8. How come when I click on these vacs to buy I’m linked to amazon to vacuums that came out years ago. Aren’t there units that came out more recently?

    1. Hi Travis,
      Despite the fact that we follow the novelties in robot vacuum cleaners, making our top list, we do not adhere to the principle of including only the latest models. We suggest the best robot vacuums and our main selection criteria are functionality, quality of cleaning, correct operation of the navigation system and price. Sometimes manufacturers add minor improvements to new models of robot vacuums or new functions do not work correctly. But the price of the new model is much higher than the previous one. In this case, we believe that the best option for purchase will be the previous proven model, which is cheaper and also performs well in the cleaning tasks. But still, at the moment our Top-list consists mainly of the latest models of robot vacuum cleaners

  9. Hi David,

    im doing a bit of a research 🙂 , for buying a robot vacuum that also mops, have you tried the Deebot m81pro? is better than the m80?, i’ve also seen the imass A3s, any notes about that?. Thanks

  10. We went with the M80 Pro after thinking about the Dyson, Roomba, and Neato units. Being skeptical, I wanted something that didn’t break the bank. First day out, I ran it 3 times. Filled the bin each time. I was impressed. Now to see if it will be durable.

  11. If you don’t particularly need the mop feature, what are your thoughts on the m80 pro vs. 79s?

    1. Hi Kristin,
      Not taking into account the mopping function, these models have very similar characteristics and it is difficult to choose a favorite. Other differences are:
      N79s has the single room function (if you need to clean only one room).
      M80pro a little quieter than N79s, but the difference is insignificant.
      Max power mode of N79s nominally produces a greater suction power than the intensive mode of M80pro, but in the work, they both showed good results.
      N79s is a newer model and the manufacturer says about an improved navigation system. But again, during our tests, I did not notice particular difference in the navigation of these robot vacuums.
      If you really do not need the mopping function and other differences do not play a big role, then maybe N79s will be a little better choice.

  12. I have a roomba and we can purchase lighthouses to keep it from going places. Does the N79s have anything like that?

  13. I was reading a review of the new Roomba and the person mentioned the brushless version are better. I am wondering if you can speak to that statement?

    We have a Deebot N76, but just got a two-story home and want one for each floor.

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