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  1. I am considering a Roomba 980 because I have a dog. I noted that it employs extra power on carpet, rugs, etc. I have a very expensive Oriental silk rug in one of the rooms, and Oriental knotted wool rugs in other rooms. These are delicate rugs – would the Roomba 980 be too hard on them?

    1. Hi Joan,
      Speaking in general, Roomba 980 is safe for vacuuming oriental carpets. But there are some recommendations for vacuuming delicate carpets. For example, it is better to switch off the beater brush, the vacuum cleaner should have suction control and manual adjustment of the beater’s height. It is also desirable to use side-to-side movement and not to vacuum fringe etc. Robot vacuums are not designed to fully comply with these recommendations. Therefore, if you have expensive delicate carpets it may be best to vacuum them with upright or canister vacuum cleaner.

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