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13 Best iRobot Roomba Models to Buy – COMPARE ROOMBA MODELS

roomba comparisonWhen it comes to a flawless automatic vacuuming experience, iRobot Roomba vacuums are the ultimate products which you can purchase in this category.

The most sought-after robot vacuum cleaners, they allow you the luxury of setting this unit – just once – before leaving everything else on this vacuum cleaner. As a result of such a hi-fi feature set, more and more people are turning towards these products in search of a superior technology to clean their homes.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of Roomba models which are available in today’s market. Starting from the price on which the manufacturer is offering these products, one has to be wary of the difference in feature set – including self-charging, battery life and app-compatibility – which comes integrated inside each of these Roombas. So for a customer, who is looking to purchase one of these models without prior research/experience, this isn’t an easy task by any means.

But here’s the deal.

We hope that our Roomba comparison guide will help all of our valuable readers looking to make this purchase without extra hassle.

Roomba Comparison Chart

Roomba Model No.980960890880870860770761690652650614
Weight (pounds)
Height (inches)
Wi-Fi connectivity
iRobot HOME app compatible
Cleaning SystemAeroForce
10x the power
5x the power
5x the power
5x the power
5x the power
5x the power
AeroVac 2AeroVac 2AeroVacAeroVacAeroVac3 Stage
HEPA filter
Wall BarriersDual Mode x 2Dual Mode x 1Dual Mode x 1Lighthouse x 2-Dual Mode x 1Virtual Wall x 2Virtual Wall x 2Dual Mode x 1---
Self-ChargingRecharge & resumeRecharge & resumeRecharge onlyRecharge onlyRecharge onlyRecharge onlyRecharge onlyRecharge onlyRecharge onlyRecharge onlyRecharge onlyRecharge only
Carpet Boost
Runtime (mins)120756060606012060606012060
Remote Control
Multi-Room Cleaning
For Pet Owners
Other FeaturesiAdapt 2.0 improved navigation, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant compatibleiAdapt 2.0 improved navigation, Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant compatibleAmazon Alexa & Google Assistant compatibleDirt Detect Series II, tangle-free extractorsDirt Detect Series II, tangle-free extractorsDirt Detect Series II, tangle-free extractorsDirt Detect Series II
Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price

iRobot Roomba Models: Key Features

Here we’ll explore and compare Roomba models to highlight their different functionalities and key differences. It’s important to have a thorough overview of what the different models can offer in order to make an informed choice about which Roomba to buy.

iRobot Roomba 614 Review

Featuring a 3 stage cleaning technology, the Roomba 614 is the most basic of robot vacuum cleaners which you can purchase from today’s market. Available at a modest price tag, this product is ideal for all those customers who don’t want to spend heavily on this purchase.

Having said that, the Roomba 614 still comes with all the features which one would look for in a decent vacuum cleaner. This product incorporates the iAdapt technology which makes use of different types of sensors as well as software for giving a thorough clean. With the help of this technology, the Roomba 614 can avoid stairs, move under or around the furniture and it is also fully capable of doing a series of passes.

Another notable feature in this product is the presence of AeroVac vacuuming technology which can be found in all the other products of Roomba 600 series. After picking off dirt and hair from the brushes, this unit then fills them into the dustbin’s back. As a result of such an even filling, you don’t have to empty these bins for more frequently.

With the Lithium-Ion battery, which comes integrated into the Roomba 614, this product enjoys an extended battery life of around 60 minutes. In addition, this vacuum cleaner has the ability to adjust itself to various types of surfaces, including tile, laminate, and even carpets, before producing a more specific cleaning as per the surface which needs to be cleaned.

As per the users who’re going to use this machine for the very first time, it is really easy. You just have to press the ‘’Clean’’ button and this unit will start its operation. Moreover, it comes with a self-charging mechanism which makes it a viable product for even the newbies. And when this unit even comes with a home base charging station, you can use it at the earnest once it arrives at your doorstep.

Key Features

  • Automatically Adjustment to different floor types
  • 3-stage cleaning system
  • Automatic Recharging
  • Li-Ion battery
  • iAdapt Navigation
  • 60 min battery life

iRobot Roomba 650 and 652 Review

A major upgrade from the basic Roomba 614, the Roomba 650 series comes with an advanced set of features at a slightly higher price tag. But when you compare it to the latest, Hi-Fi models of Roomba, this product still comes at a decent price range.

The standout feature in the Roomba 650 series, which wasn’t there in the 614, is the fact that customers can schedule this product for no less than 7 times a week. A Schedule button is designed at top of this unit along with 3 separate buttons for Day, Hour and Minute. With their help, users can easily program this device to start working at their intended time as this device is devoid of any complex mechanism.

Furthermore, both these models are also compatible with another hi-fi feature, the Roomba Virtual Wall technology. With the help of this particular feature, you can create certain invisible walls – of infrared signals – which won’t be crossed by these robot vacuum cleaners.

One major difference between the Roomba 650 and 652 is that when the former uses Nickel Metal hydride battery, the latter depends on a Lithium-Ion battery. As already described, Li-Ion battery furnishes a longer battery life along with an extended run time.

Both these models can run up to 60 minutes on a single charge and they will also return to their home base once the battery runs dry. The iAdapt Responsive Navigation, which comes built-in in both these models, makes use of the infrared signals for cleaning your house in a flawless manner.

So if you want something more than the basic model, consider purchasing any one of the Roomba 650 and 652 robot vacuum cleaner as per your preference.

What’s New?

  • Scheduling
  • Roomba Virtual Wall technology

Other Features

  • iAdapt Responsive Navigation
  • Self-Charging
  • 60 minutes battery life
  • Lithium-Ion battery in Roomba 652
  • 3-stage cleaning system
  • Automatic Floor Adjustment

iRobot Roomba 690 Review

The Roomba 690 is the very first product from this particular manufacturer which comes with a built-in Wi-Fi support. As compared to the previous models, this robot vacuum cleaner can be connected to the iRobot Home app, which means that you can control it from anywhere, anytime via your smartphone or tablet. This is a must-have feature for users who’re always on the go but still want their home to be as clean as possible.

Apart from controlling this device with the help of the aforementioned application, the Roomba 690 is also compatible with both Alexa as well as Google assistant. With this feature, you can voice control this device to give instructions such as start, stop or even dock.

The Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier makes sure that your robot stays away from the areas which it isn’t supposed to enter. In addition, the 690 Roomba makes use of the same iAdapt technology, which is used by the previous models from this product, to ensure a thorough cleaning. So if you want a Wi-Fi enabled vacuum cleaner which is still available at a decent price range, the Roomba 690 is worth a shot.

What’s New?

  • Wi-Fi Support
  • Alexa Compatible
  • Google Assistant Compatible
  • Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier

Other Features

  • iAdapt Navigation System
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Clean all types of floor
  • 60 minute battery run time
  • Scheduling
  • Self-charging

iRobot Roomba 761 and 770 Review

Featuring Dirt Detect Series II, the Roomba 700 series is the very first of its kind which has been designed to pick up dirtier areas faster before spending much time on them for producing an effective cleaning. In this way, even the dirtiest of areas will receive due attention and all you’re left with is a clean home.

Instead of making use of the AeroVac vacuuming technology, the Roomba 761 and 770 are designed to work with AeroVac 2 for producing a more effective session of cleaning.

Thanks to such a composition, the 700 series can adapt to different types of floors and it can even clean a wider range of dirt and debris as compared to the 600 series.

You can also ask these models to produce spot clean which consists of cleaning an area within 3 feet diameter of their starting point. Moreover, users can schedule these robotic vacuum cleaners for as many as 7 times per week and it also comes with a self-charging ability.

What’s New?

  • Dirt Detect Series II
  • AeroVac 2

What’s Missing?

  • No-Wi-Fi support
  • No App compatibility
  • Not compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa

Other Features

  • Self-Charging
  • Scheduling
  • iAdapt Navigation Technology
  • Roomba Virtual Wall Barriers
  • 3-stage cleaning
  • HEPA Filter

iRobot Roomba 860 and 870 Review

The first two models of the Roomba 800 series comes integrated with Aeroforce cleaning system which is a major upgrade from the previous models of iRobot. This particular feature is designed to enhance the vacuuming power of these two robots as the Roomba 860 & 870 incorporates no less than 5 times more air power as compared to their predecessors.

Also present in these two models are the debris extractors as iRobot replaced the old brushes which can be found in the earlier models of this manufacturer. The basic reason behind this replacement is that the new brushes are capable of breaking down the debris before removing hair and jams.

Users can schedule these models for up to 7x per week and the Roomba 860 & 870 can recharge themselves by automatically returning to their charging stations. Moreover, the Dirt Detect Series II, which can be found in either of these models, ensure that they can clean even the dirtiest of places within no time.

Finally, these Roomba robot vacuums come with a 1-year limited warranty. Combine it with their low-profile design and you’ll have a hi-tech vacuum cleaner at a very affordable price.

What’s New?

  • AeroForce cleaning system
  • Debris Extractors

What’s Missing?

  • No Wi-Fi Support

Other Features

  • 7x scheduling
  • Dirt Detect Series II
  • iAdapt Navigation Technology
  • Full bin Indicator
  • Auto Recharge
  • HEPA Filter

iRobot Roomba 880 Review

The Roomba 880 is one of the most popular models which has been manufactured by iRobot till date. Featuring a Virtual Wall Lighthouse system, this robot stays away from the areas which it isn’t supposed to clean. It also comes with the iAdapt navigation system which offers multi-room cleaning on a consistent basis.

Another notable feature in the Roomba 880 is that even though it isn’t compatible with Wi-Fi, the manufacturer has provided a separate remote along with this purchase. This means that you don’t have to follow this unit as it makes it way from one place to the other as you can control it remotely even while sitting on your couch.

Apart from handling this device from the remote control, there is a large Clean button provided at the top of this unit which makes it quite easy to operate. In addition, there are 4 separate buttons which are provided to schedule this robot without any hindrance.

What’s New?

  • Remote Control
  • 2x Virtual Wall Lighthouse System

What’s Missing?

  • Wi-Fi Support

Other Features

  • iAdapt Navigation System
  • Scheduling
  • Tangle Free Extractors
  • Dirt Detect Series II
  • AeroForce cleaning system
  • HEPA Filter
How Multi-Room Cleaning works

iRobot Roomba 890 Review

The Roomba 890 comes with Wi-Fi support which means that this unit is compatible with the iRobot Home App. This application, which can be downloaded on your smartphones and tablets, allows easy usage as you can maneuver this unit from any location at any time. Furthermore, users can also control this unit with the help of Amazon Alexa or even Google Assistant which is a real plus for a wide range of customers.

For effective cleaning, the Roomba 890 is equipped with not only acoustic sensors but also with optical sensors. In comparison with some other models of iRobot, which were reliant on just acoustic sensors for finding the dirtier areas, the presence of 2 different sensors guarantees superior performance with the Roomba 890.

As per the pet-owners, the HEPA Filter in this vacuum cleaner makes sure that once the allergens and irritants are trapped by this high-performing unit, they will not be released back into the atmosphere. In addition, the tangle free extractors ensure that the Roomba 890 will never stop working due to hair clogs.

Apart from the aforesaid features, the Roomba 890 has still a lot to offer including its self-charging ability, iAdapt Navigation technology as well as a hi-fi AeroForce vacuuming technology. So if you’re looking for a robot vacuum cleaner which is not only compatible with Wi-Fi but it is also very high-performing, the Roomba 890 can be your ideal purchase.

What’s New?

  • Wi-Fi Support
  • iRobot Home App
  • Amazon Alexa compatible
  • Google Assistant compatible

Other Features

  • Self-Charging
  • Scheduling
  • AeroForce vacuuming technology
  • iAdapt Navigation technology
  • Tangle Free Extractors
  • HEPA Filter

iRobot Roomba 960 and 980 Review

Two of the latest models from iRobot, the Roomba 960 and 980 are the ultimate robot vacuum cleaners which one could purchase from today’s market. Incorporating a series of hi-tech features, these models come equipped with all the features which one could wish for in his ideal purchase. But in return, users have to spend a decent amount of money in order to get their hands on either of these two products.

Coming towards the features, both these Roombas are Wi-Fi compatible. Depending on your personal preference, you can control it either with the iRobot Home App, with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, or even with both.

Another notable feature in the Roomba 960, as well as 980, is the introduction of a new navigation software, iAdapt 2.0. As compared to iAdapt, this one is much more secure when it comes to evading obstacles and going from one room to the other without any hesitation. And there’s more.

These vacuum cleaners come with the intuitive recharge and resume feature which means that the end of a charging session, they will restart themselves without any external help. So you just have to program these units at the start and they will keep on working until your house becomes super-clean.

The Carpet Boost, which is present only in the Roomba 980, helps this unit to deliver optimal performance while working at the carpets. When such kind of cleaning surface requires more energy than usual, this feature enables the Roomba 980 to work at 10 times more air power as compared to its normal operation.

Apart from the Carpet boost feature, another major difference between Roomba 960 & 980 lies in their battery run time. On a single charge, the Roomba 960 is designed to work up to 75 minutes. However, when it comes to the 980 Roomba, it can keep on working for no less than 2 hours (120 minutes) on a single charge.

 What’s New?

  • iAdapt 2.0 Navigation Technology
  • Recharge and Resume
  • Carpet Boost (only in 980 Roomba)

Other Features

  • Wi-Fi Support
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • iRobot Home App compatible
  • Multi-Room Cleaning
  • Self-Charging
  • Scheduling

Comparison Roomba 960 vs 980
The two most recent models of the Roomba 900 series present two main differences: the battery runtime and the inclusion of Carpet Boost technology.

Whereas these two models both boast iAdapt 2.0 navigation, AeroForce cleaning systems, and Wi-Fi compatibility, it is only the 980 that intelligently uses Carpet Boost on carpeted areas and rugs.

It is also this latest model that gives a maximum runtime of up to 120 minutes – that’s 45 minutes longer than the 960’s best!

Whilst both the 960 and the 980 represent iRobot’s best work to date, the 980 comes out on top once again for its superior standard features.

Comparison Roomba 880 vs 980
The two most popular models of Roomba vacuum are the 880 and the 980. Here we take a look at why they prove so attractive.

The iRobot Roomba 880 vacuum cleaning robot is a powerhouse of vacuuming ability, utilizing the AeroForce cleaning system, Roomba Lighthouse Wall Barriers, tangle-free extractors and Dirt Detect Series II. It’s a machine that delivers great results over and over, with a justifiable price tag.

However, the iRobot Roomba 980 surpasses it on almost every point. With Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers as standard, the advanced iAdapt 2.0 navigation system, and the ability to recharge and then resume its work, it’s easy to imagine it becoming the new firm favorite in the future.

Best Roomba for Pet Hair

Roomba 770

The Roomba 770 is a budget-oriented choice for all those customers who either have pets or they suffer from different kinds of allergies. Featuring a 3-stage cleaning system, this product boosts an incredible suction power.

Moreover, it is the first Roomba vacuum cleaner which comes integrated with the Dirt Detect Series II System. When this feature will help this cleaner to identify dirtier spots at the earnest, it will spend much time on time for producing a flawless cleaning.

Besides, it also has the HEPA filter which is a valuable commodity for all pet owners who are looking to catch even the tiniest of allergens without any discrepancy.

Check Roomba 770 Price On Amazon

Roomba 880

Available in a medium price range, the Roomba 880 comes integrated with a number of features which can handle pets and pet hair in an imperious manner.

Firstly, this model comes with tangle-free extractors which means that it can handle all kinds of mess, created by your furry companion, without wanting any kind of maintenance. This is an important feature when you’re looking to purchase a vacuum for pet hair because otherwise, the accumulation of hair can leave your vacuum’s brushes disoriented.

Secondly, the Roomba 880 makes use of the HEPA Filter which does really well to trap even the minutest of dirt particles. This high-efficiency filter traps all those allergens as well as irritants, caused by the presence of pets, which might lead to different kinds of allergies.

And lastly, the Dirt Detect Series II feature ensures that no place will stay hidden from the cleaning power of this robot vacuum cleaner.

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Roomba 980

Just like regular cleaning activities, the Roomba 980 is also an ultimate vacuum cleaner when it comes to choosing a Roomba for Pet Hair. This might be the most expensive model in this list but such a high price tag is completely justified once you look at the feature-set of this model.

Featuring Carpet Boost technology, this model automatically increases its power – to 10 times – when it is working on those, thicker carpets. It also makes use of the AeroForce cleaning system which increases the Roomba 980’s suction power.  Combine it with its high-performing filter along with several brushless extractors and when it can be controlled by Wi-Fi-, you can forget about allergies once you make this purchase.

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The Main Differences Between 600, 700, 800 and 900 Series

Whilst the basic functionality of the Roomba vacuum has remained the same, there are significant differences between the various series of machines. Here we will explore the key differences and what they mean.

The 3-stage cleaning system

If you look at the Roomba comparison chart, you will see that all iRobot vacuums utilize a 3-stage cleaning system which first loosens, then lifts, then finally suctions dirt into the robot vacuum and deposits it into a dust bin. However, different models function with different levels of air power.

600 series: These earlier series use the standard AeroVac design; it offers a healthy amount of suction and should remove dirt effectively from home floor surfaces.

700 series: The Roomba becomes more advanced with the introduction of the AeroVac 2 design in the 700 series.

800 and 900 series: It is only these series that benefit from the top functioning AeroForce cleaning system. By itself, this can offer up to 5x more air power than is available from earlier models. In the 980 however, there is also a Carpet Boost setting which uses up to 10x more air power on carpeted areas and rugs.


Most Roomba models offer some basic scheduling which can be programmed into the machine itself.

600, 700 and 800 series: The majority of models can be scheduled up to 7x per week, or can simply be told to ‘Clean’ as and when.

Selected models from 600, 800 and 900 series: The revamped 690, the 890, and the 900 series can be scheduled from the iRobot HOME app available to download to your smart device. This means that cleaning can be scheduled and activated anytime, from anywhere. The enhanced app even allows you to view a map of where has already been cleaned!

Battery Life and Runtime

Li-ion: Some models, such as the revamped 690, the 890 and the 900 series, come with Li-ion batteries. This offers greater longevity of runtime, with the maximum runtime of the 980 model advertised as a cool 120 minutes.

Ni-Mh: The advertised maximum runtime of most Ni-Mh models goes up to the 60-minute mark. However, it is taken as given that a Li-ion battery goes a long way towards extending battery life per use.

Navigation Technology

Starting from 600 series right until the 800 series, Roomba models were based on a responsive cleaning technology named as iAdapt. This technology makes use of different software as well as sensors in order to clean your home in a thorough manner. Moreover, it can also adjust itself automatically to different types of floors including carpet, hardwood as well as laminate.

The 900 series comes integrated with the iAdapt 2.0 technology as the 960 and the 980 are the first Roomba models which features a visual localization camera. With its help of this built-in camera, these models have the ability to map out your home – which isn’t possible with the previous models – for ensuring a maximum coverage.

These videos demonstrate the benefits of the iAdapt Technology

Battery Type

There are two types of batteries, which are normally used in the Roomba robot vacuums: Nickel Metal Hydride battery and Lithium-Ion battery. When the former comes integrated into a minor proportion of Roomba products, the latter is the most commonly used type of battery in these units.

This is due to the reason that as compared to Ni-MH batteries, the Li-Ion batteries sustain a longer battery life. Moreover, their durable construction makes them viable for a long-term usage.

Wi-Fi Support

This feature can be found in selected Roomba models such as 690, 890, 960 and 980 robot vacuum cleaners. A Roomba with a Wi-Fi support lets you control its operations with the help of iRobot Home App. With this application, you can not only clean your home from a long way away but at the same time, it also lets its user decide the work-schedule of the vacuum cleaner along with many other things.

Recharge and Resume

The 960 and 980 Roombas have the recharge and resume function which lets them go back to their cleaning duties after they finish recharging from the home base. In this way, even if one of these two models experience low battery during its operations, it can recharge itself before going back to its duties without any external help.

For all the other models, they have to be restarted once they recharge themselves from the home base.

Carpet Boost Mode

For making a deeper clean on different types of carpets and rugs where the dust is immersed inside the surface, the Roomba 980 is the only model which comes with the Carpet Boost Mode. Basically, this feature produces a 10 times more air power as compared to its regular operations for achieving desired results on the carpet.

Full-Bin Indicator

This feature, which is absent in the 600 series Roomba Robots, is present in every other product of this particular manufacturer. It includes Roomba 761, 770, 860, 870, 880, 890, 960 and 980 vacuum cleaners.


This is another feature which is present only in the 900 series Roomba models. It basically works with the help of iRobot Home app and once the bin gets full, you’re provided with two options. Users can either choose to finish the job with a full bin or they can also pause the robot before cleaning the bin. Once the bin is cleaned, they just have to press clean and this machine will resume its normal work.

Debris Extractor

This feature was introduced with the start of 800 series and it can now be found in every other model of the 800 as well as 900 series Roomba Products.


Criteria to Consider When Choosing iRobot Roomba Models

This section further explains the significance of the different comparison criteria detailed in the Roomba comparison chart above. This will help you to identify which features are most important to you in a Roomba and what the different models can offer you.


The weight of each Roomba machine varies from as low as 7.9 pounds in the earlier models to the highest weight of 8.7 pounds in the new 980. However, don’t be put off by this increase in weight of the machine. The extra ounces in the newer models merely belie all of the brand new exciting tech crammed into them. As the Roomba is primarily designed to be a hands-free way of vacuuming your home, the slight increase in weight should not be a big issue.


All the Roomba models, starting from 600 series right until 900 series, comes with the same height of 3.6 inches. This is basically an optimal height for a robot vacuum cleaner which allows it to glide under all kinds of furniture and sofa-sets effortlessly.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity in the newer Roomba models enables compatibility with devices featuring Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This recent feature means that the most up-to-date Roombas can be voice activated. By delegating instructions to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant at home, the virtual PA device can then communicate them to Roomba in a hands-free, remote exchange.

The other perk that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity is the iRobot HOME app. This app can be downloaded to your smart device and offers you the opportunity to control your Roomba remotely. Features include the ability to amend cleaning instructions and schedules from anywhere and at any time.

In the enhanced app, you can choose for Roomba to complete one or two passes, depending on how deep a clean you want to achieve; you can view a Clean Map which displays all cleaned areas so far, and you can access iRobot tips and support. In the 980 model, even the Carpet Boost feature can be selected in-app for those extra tough areas.

iRobot Home App compatible

For added comfort, iRobot has introduced a smart app with some of their newest models. With this app, which can be installed on your smartphones and tablets, users can control their vacuum cleaners wirelessly. From giving cleaning instructions to this machine to scheduling the Roomba models to start working at a particular time, all of this can also be done while sitting a long distance away from your home.

Another advantage of the iRobot home app is the fact that it displays the cleaning status which means that you will be aware of all the areas which have been cleaned thus far by this machine. In addition, users can invoke a number of smart features, such as Carpet Boost and full bin action, with the help of this application.

Cleaning System

The 600 series Roomba models use either the first AeroVac technology or just the basic 3 stage cleaning system. These models may not have all the bells and whistles of their more recent counterparts, but they still get the job done.

The 700 series offers the AeroVac 2 cleaning system. This range offers great quality at a more affordable price. Machines equipped with AeroVac 2 still use the iRobot 3-stage system, but with less powerful air power. However, the 700 series is still a top choice for effective cleaning.

All 800 and 900 series Roombas come equipped with the AeroForce cleaning system. This is the most advanced cleaning technology currently available in the Roomba range. Utilising iRobot’s tried and tested 3-stage system, the 800 and 900 series function with up to 5x more air power than earlier models. The 980 model takes deep cleaning one step further with the new Carpet Boost option, using up to 10x more air power on carpets and rugs.

It’s worth taking into account the different surfaces the Roomba will encounter throughout your home, and consider whether it’s worth paying a little extra in order to get the added va-va-voom of the AeroForce cleaning system.

HEPA Filter

For all such customers who suffer from allergies, iRobot has introduced a HEPA Filter in some of their robot vacuums. The basic function of the high-efficiency particular air filters is to trap different kinds of pollutants and allergens in an effective way. Once trapped, these particulars will not be released back into the atmosphere which makes it a viable commodity for even the pet-owners.

Wall Barriers

All Roomba models use sensors to navigate their way through your home, maneuvering around obstacles and cleaning underneath furniture. The introduction of iRobot Wall Barriers gives you greater control over just where the Roomba can get to.

Different models of Roomba come equipped with different models of iRobot’s Wall Barriers. For further details on the differences between these accessories, please see our guide included in this article (see below). It is worth considering whether to invest in a more recent model of Roomba which comes with the updated Dual Mode Wall Barriers. These are ideal for the home where certain rooms need to be off-limits, or specific areas need to be protected.


All the Roomba robots are programmed in such a way that when their batteries run low, they run towards their home base for recharging. So you don’t have to worry about recharging these units on a consistent basis.

However, when users have to restart the previous Roomba models after recharging, iRobot has introduced a new smart feature known as Recharge and Resume in the Roomba 960 and 980. As evident from its name, these models can resume their activities automatically after recharging and they will continue to do so until their cleaning job is finished.

Carpet Boost

A feature which is limited to the Roomba 980, it basically increases the vacuum cleaner’s power by 10 times when it is performing its duties on carpets and rugs. This is due to the reason that when normal power isn’t sufficient to trap dust particles hidden inside the carpet’s surface, this feature ensures flawless cleaning without any hindrance.

As carpet boost consumes more battery than normal, it gets automatically turned off when you use the Roomba 980 on hard surfaces for decreasing battery consumption. Furthermore, you can also turn off this feature permanently through the iRobot home app settings.


As specified by iRobot, the 980 and 960 Roomba Robots come with a regular run time of 120 and 75 minutes respectively. As per the other models, the average time which they can spend on the floor, without recharging, is about 60 minutes. However, it greatly depends on the operating conditions of this robotic vacuum cleaner.

The runtime varies depending on the type of surface on which you’re going to use the Roomba models. It also depends on the mode on which you’re operating this machine. This is due to the reason that when plain floors are comparatively easy to clean, a vacuum cleaner has to exert more power while sucking dirt through carpets, rags and any other terrain involving a large amount of dirt.

Similarly, a Roomba Robot with the Carpet Boost turned on will return to its home base – for recharging – much sooner as compared to the one which is operating under regular conditions or even under spot cleaning.


Nickel Metal hydride battery and Lithium-Ion battery are the two types of batteries which are commonly used in different Roomba Models.  As compared to the Ni-MH battery, the Li-Ion battery is particularly famous for its longer battery life and fewer maintenance requirements.

Remote Control

Users can control four Roomba models, namely 690, 890, 960 and 980, remotely with the help of iRobot Home app. This application, which is available on Android and iOS, nullifies the requirement of separate remote control for directing these models.

Three Roomba Models, 761, 770 and 780, comes with a separate remote control device. However, when you can control these models with the help of this device, you cannot do such thing with your smartphone.

As per the rest of the models, users can purchase a remote control device separately as it does not comes included in the purchase. Once you do so, you can also control these models, such as 652 and 690, remotely.


Keeping in mind today’s busy life, iRobot has designed their models so that you can schedule them to start their program at a fixed time. Apart from the models having the iRobot Home app, you can schedule for as many as 7 times per day.

As per the other models which come integrated with the smart application, it allows users to program the device on their smartphones and tablets. It means that regardless of wherever you are, your robot vacuum cleaner will keep on performing its duties without any hindrance.

Multi-Room Cleaning

This is a beneficial feature for all such customers who live in big homes with several rooms. Basically, a Roomba equipped with this particular feature can easily navigate from one room to the other before making its way back to its home base for charging. As per the robot vacuum cleaners which come with this feature, they consist of Roomba 980, 960 and 880.

For Pet Owners

When it comes to handling pets and pet hair, there are a number of things which one should look for in a robot vacuum. Starting from a long battery life, it should have a powerful filter (HEPA) along with a couple of brushes (tangle free) to pick up all the pet hairs which might get trapped in the carpets. When HEPA filters make it easy to trap pollutants as well as allergens, the tangle-free brushes ensures that the pet hair, as well as fur, doesn’t get trapped inside the brush for the sake of maintenance.

There are a number of Roomba models which fits perfectly into this category, including two of the latest products: Roomba 980 and 960.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatible

Any Roomba product which can be connected with Wi-Fi is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. As per the working of this particular feature, you can make your robot start, stop or even dock by simply asking either Google Assistant or Alexa to do so.

Tangle-Free Extractors

This feature, which is present in first 3 models of the Roomba 800 series, ensures a hassle-free working of this robotic vacuum cleaner. After picking up the debris, it removes hair and jams from the rest of the wastage just to make sure that they won’t get trapped in the brushes.

iAdapt improved navigation

iRobot products having this technology comes integrated with a built-in camera which makes it considerably easy to clean up your home from all kind of dirt. In addition, it also makes it easy for the robot to make its way back to charging whenever it runs short of battery.

Dirt Detect Series II

With the help of this technology, Roomba 770, 860, 870 and 880 were designed to pick up dirtier areas faster before focusing on them for ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Roomba Virtual Wall Barriers

iRobot offers a range of different Roomba Virtual Wall Barriers, compatible with their Roomba series of vacuum cleaning robots. Here we will take a look at the differences between each model, from the way they work to which Roomba model they should be used with.

Roomba Virtual Wall

The initial Virtual Wall technology originates from the 500 series of Roombas, but it works well with any subsequent series equipped with radio frequency technology. Virtual Walls are designed to be activated when the Roomba robot begins cleaning so that you don’t need to worry about turning them off or on. Simply place them in your home in order to contain the Roomba’s activity to a certain area, meaning that you have total control over where it can and can’t go.

Roomba Lighthouse

The next advancement in Virtual Wall technology is the Roomba Lighthouse. This device uses infrared signals to facilitate room to room cleaning or to create boundaries so that Roomba doesn’t venture into areas you want to keep off-limits. This means that the Roomba can be left to clean each room one at a time, completing one before it moves onto the next. Lighthouses are compatible with many models of Roomba, from select 500 series models all the way up to the 880s.

Dual Mode Virtual Wall

The Dual Mode Virtual Walls have two distinct functions: they can be used to create Virtual Walls and contain the Roomba to a certain area, or they can be set to Halo mode which keeps Roomba away from protected items. This is great if you have items such as pet bowls that need to remain in situ at all times, but you don’t want Roomba disturbing. The Virtual Wall mode on these devices has an extended range up to 10 ft. and facilitates room to room cleaning.

Authentic iRobot Parts

In order to enjoy peak performance from your Roomba with every use, some maintenance is required. Depending on the frequency with which the Roomba is used, the surfaces it is regularly working on, and the type of debris it is picking up in your home, certain parts will need replacing or changing.

It is important to always buy authentic iRobot parts. This is to ensure that the parts you are using are of a high quality and will function properly in your Roomba without compromising its efficiency.

Replenishment kits catered towards a specific series of Roomba model are easily accessible and will include everything that you need to keep your Roomba in tip-top condition.

For example, changing the HEPA filter in your Roomba every 2-3 months (depending on usage) will maintain the filter’s effectiveness at removing allergens and irritants from your home. It will keep your Roomba functioning at peak capacity, and deliver the results that you expect from a top quality product.

Other replacement items included in maintenance packs are bristle brushes, beater brushes, side brushes and brush cleaning tools. With such a well equipped and hardworking device as the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot, you must expect wear and tear over time. You should expect to have to replace components such as the brushes to maintain maximum performance, but with authentic iRobot parts, you are guaranteed good quality and longevity.

600 series

700 series

800 & 900 series

Buyer’s Guide – Which Roomba to Buy?

With the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner, iRobot offers you an easy, stress-free way of keeping on top of daily chores. But which model should you choose? It is important to compare Roomba models in order to make an informed decision when choosing which Roomba to buy.

For those who want to combine modern smart technology with a durable, hardworking machine at an affordable price, we would recommend the iRobot Roomba 690. This model is perfect for someone who needs a machine to conduct regular vacuuming in an environment somewhat free of obstacles or hazards. It appeals to those with a busy life due to the remote control and scheduling capabilities that Wi-Fi connectivity brings.

If you’re looking for something a little more powerful, and a little more independent, we would recommend the iRobot Roomba 890. It’s a very popular model and offers the double whammy of Dirt Detect Series II spot cleaning tech and tangle-free extractors. This combination means that the Roomba 890 can conduct targeted cleaning, without you having to worry about extra maintenance.

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However, if you are looking the absolute best, you’ve got to go with the iRobot Roomba 960 model. This premium machine comes with a hefty price tag, but it is so worth it. With Wi-Fi connectivity for access on-the-go, the Carpet Boost option for a satisfying deep clean and a maximum 120-minute runtime, this robot is not going to let you down. It even knows when to recharge itself, and can then pick up where it left off! For the ultimate robotic partner in housework, the 960 is your best friend.

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4 thoughts on “13 Best iRobot Roomba Models to Buy – COMPARE ROOMBA MODELS

  1. I am considering a Roomba 980 because I have a dog. I noted that it employs extra power on carpet, rugs, etc. I have a very expensive Oriental silk rug in one of the rooms, and Oriental knotted wool rugs in other rooms. These are delicate rugs – would the Roomba 980 be too hard on them?

    • David Chambers

      Hi Joan,
      Speaking in general, Roomba 980 is safe for vacuuming oriental carpets. But there are some recommendations for vacuuming delicate carpets. For example, it is better to switch off the beater brush, the vacuum cleaner should have suction control and manual adjustment of the beater’s height. It is also desirable to use side-to-side movement and not to vacuum fringe etc. Robot vacuums are not designed to fully comply with these recommendations. Therefore, if you have expensive delicate carpets it may be best to vacuum them with upright or canister vacuum cleaner.

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