Jeep Wrangler Road Trip Essentials

5 Best Jeep Wrangler Accessories for Your Next Road Trip

If you’re like most people, you love taking road trips. There’s just something about hitting the open road and exploring new places that is incredibly liberating. But if you’re driving a Jeep Wrangler, there’s no need to worry about being limited by your surroundings. With the right accessories, your Jeep can handle anything that comes your way! In this blog post, we will discuss 5 of the best Jeep Wrangler accessories for your next road trip.

Here Are Our 5 Best Jeep Wrangler Accessories for Your Next Road Trip

  1. A Trunk Organizer: When you’re driving your Jeep Wrangler, sometimes you just want to go off road.  Getting a trunk organizer to keep your things from flying around and hitting  you in the head is a great way to stay safe while you’re driving.

2. A Roof Rack: A roof rack is a great way to increase your Jeep’s storage capacity. With a roof rack, you can bring along all the gear you need for your trip without having to worry about fitting it all inside your vehicle.

3. A set of off-road tires: This is one of the most essential Jeep Wrangler accessories for any road trip. Off-road tires will give you  the extra traction you need when driving on unpaved roads or in inclement weather conditions.

4. A Winch: A winch is a must-have for any Jeep owner, but it is especially useful if you’re planning on doing any off-roading during your trip. If you get stuck in the mud or snow, this will help you.

5. A Snorkel: If you’re planning on driving through any deep water, a snorkel is an essential piece of equipment. A snorkel will allow your engine to continue running even if it becomes submerged in water.

There’s just something about hitting the open road and exploring new places in your Jeep Wrangler. These are just a few of the many accessories that can make your next road trip more enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure today!

Woodworking school

3 Best Online Woodworking Schools and Beginner Woodworking Classes

Woodworking can be both a great hobby and a fun way to make money. However, it can be hard to know where to begin, whether you’re starting your first project or beginning to sell your masterpieces. From beginner woodworking crafters to seasoned wood furniture makers, an online woodworking school will help you advance your skills, complete new and exciting projects, build and organize your own home shop, and monetize your hard work.

No matter what skill level you’re at, you’re sure to learn industry secrets that will help you find the best tools, save money, and learn new techniques.

Each of these woodworking schools is created by woodworking professionals who went through the hard work, trial, and error so you don’t have to. Learn tips and tricks from the best of the best to advance your skill and have fun while doing it!

1.      Ted’s Woodworking

Wood Plans Woodworking Carpentry Download

[su_button url=”http://southtech8.tedsplans.hop.clickbank.net” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#fb8746″ color=”#ffffff” size=”10″ wide=”no” center=”no” radius=”8″ icon=”icon:shopping-cart” rel=”nofollow” class=”bestvacbutton”]Click Here to Learn More[/su_button]

If you’ve ever wanted a specific piece of furniture but became frustrated when you couldn’t find it in retail, then Ted’s Woodworking school is the solution for you. The same applies if you’ve ever dreamed of building a custom piece or completing a project but can’t find any detailed plans to follow.

Ted Mcgrath is a certified master woodworker, author, and trainer who was once in your shoes. He believes in using detailed plans for maximum effectiveness and minimal effort. He’s also the brains behind Ted’s Woodworking school, where you can find his professional woodworking projects.

Ted offers students of all levels a package of 16,000 woodworking projects with easy-to-follow plans that include step-by-step blueprints. These plans empower you to get started in woodworking and take on that dream project, wherever your current skill level is at.

When you purchase Ted’s Woodworking Plans package, you’ll receive:

1.      Step-By-Step Instructions

You’ll receive detailed projects with step by step, start to finish instructions that make building woodworking projects super fast, super easy and super fun.

With the simple “hold-you-by-the hand” instructions, you can complete woodworking projects in a small fraction of the time it used to take you. It’s like having a master woodworker at your beck and call, guiding you through every project.

2.      Cutting & Materials List

By being provided with a cutting and materials list for each project, you’ll be able to save precious time and money on the wrong materials and the wrong wood. Instead, you’ll be spending more time building your dream project.

3.      Detailed Schematics

Colorful schematics included in each plan eliminate guesswork and make even the most challenging projects seem simple, allowing you to complete projects in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

4.      Views from All Angles

With an overall view of the project, you’ll be able to take a detailed look at every angle before you start to build.

5.      Suitable for Beginners & Professionals

Ted’s has a variety of plans for every skill level – so don’t worry, you don’t have to have expensive machinery or be a master woodworker for his plans. From complete beginner, amateur woodworker, to seasoned pro, you’ll find a wide selection of projects that will inspire you.

How does Ted’s Woodworking School Work?

When you purchase a membership to Ted’s Woodworking Plans, you’ll gain access to 16,000 plans. In addition, new plans drafted from his workshop are released every month to keep things fresh! With a membership, you’ll gain lifetime access to a membership area where you can download these new monthly plans. The best part? There are no recurring fees and no expiration date. Ted even goes above and beyond by offering to have students submit plans they would like to have drafted.

Click here to learn more about Ted’s Woodworking School

2.      Ultimate Small Shop: How to Set Up a Complete Shop on a Budget

[su_button url=”http://southtech8.usmallshop.hop.clickbank.net” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#fb8746″ color=”#ffffff” size=”10″ wide=”no” center=”no” radius=”8″ icon=”icon:shopping-cart” rel=”nofollow” class=”bestvacbutton”]Click Here to Learn More[/su_button]

So, you’ve got your plans and know what you want to build, but where can you build it? This is where the Ultimate Small Shop can help. This woodworking school offers a complete guide to building an efficient and complete woodworking shop for under $1,000. This guide even includes a shopping list of the best tools to buy as well as links to buy them at the best price. It also includes floorplans for drafting optimized layouts for even the smallest of spaces.

The Ultimate Small Shop is ideal for anyone who’s ever asked themselves the following questions:

  • How much money will building a woodworking workshop cost me?
  • Is my space big enough for a functional workshop?
  • What are the bare minimum tools I need for creating basic wood projects?
  • How can I avoid bad quality tools that will bite the dust in the first year?
  • When it comes to tools, how good is good enough? Do I need to buy high end tools to ensure durability?
  • Is it a bad idea to buy used tools?
  • What are the key considerations in setting up a proper workshop?

Ralph Chapman, a fellow woodworker, started the Ultimate Small Shop guide in response to his own struggles and frustrations with buying tools, setting up his workshop, and building projects. He’s compiled all his knowledge into one easy-to-follow guide.

In this detailed guide, Chapman will hold your hand through the process of designing and putting together your own fully functional workshop for less than $1,000.

The 246-page illustrated Ultimate Small Shop guide is broken up into six modules (one for every area of setting up a home workshop):

Module #1: Tool Selection

Tools can be very expensive and can run your wallet dry if you buy the wrong ones. Buying the wrong tools can also discourage and prevent you from pursuing woodworking projects. This module will help you find the right tools at the best price so you don’t have to guess anymore.

Module #2: Space Selection

Setting up a long-term shop is the key to success, whether or not it will be for professional or personal projects. Getting it right will save you a headache and will make your woodworking projects run much more smoothly.

Module #3: Shop Layouts

Once your location is mapped out and your tools are on the way, you have to decide on the best layout for your woodworking shop. This guide will help!

Module #4: Electricity, Lighting and Sound Proofing

After deciding on your layout, you have to incorporate electricity, lighting, and sound proofing into your plan. This guide will ensure you’re choosing the right features for your shop.

Module #5: Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Dust

This is one of the most important modules and shouldn’t be overlooked. Heating, cooling, and ventilation can mean the difference between working in comfort and working in irritation and discomfort.

Module #6: Safety & More

Organizing and maintaining the overall safety of your new woodworking shop is the final step.

Click here to learn more about the Ultimate Small Shop


3. Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits: How to Start Your Own Woodworking Business from Home

Wood Profits Banner

[su_button url=”http://southtech8.woodprofit.hop.clickbank.net” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#fb8746″ color=”#ffffff” size=”10″ wide=”no” center=”no” radius=”8″ icon=”icon:shopping-cart” rel=”nofollow” class=”bestvacbutton”]Click Here to Learn More[/su_button]

If you have a passion for woodworking, starting a business out of your home can be fun and easy to get going with the help of Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits woodworking school. Jim Morgan takes you through the ins and outs of starting your own woodworking business from the comfort of your own home and with minimal capital. Turning your passion into profit can earn you a nice part-time income right from your garage.

Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits guide is right for you if:

  • You want more flexible work hours that allow you to work from home and spend more time with your family
  • You’ve always wanted to pursue your passion in your free time, without having to give up your regular job
  • You want a small business that you can grow into your main source of income (if you choose to do so)
  • Starting a business that you’re passionate about is a big goal of yours

Jim’s Wood Profits guide is a collection of wisdom he’s gained from his own experiences that includes everything you need to know about setting up, running, and growing a woodworking business from your home. Wood Profits is easily downloadable and comes with an accompanying MP3 audio transcription and CD so you can listen on the go if needed. This detailed guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to make money by selling wooden furniture, crafts, and other projects.

Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits guide includes:

  • Marketing methods to get the word out about your products
  • How to attract customers and make your business profitable
  • What words to use to increase sales
  • A list of high-margin, easy-to-sell crafts you can build with basic woodworking tools
  • The type of furniture with the best markup, plus an analysis of the pieces with the highest ROI
  • How to tap into a high profit niche
  • The top 10 most profitable woodworking crafts
  • Finding your target audience
  • How to get glowing testimonials from your customers for free
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Where to buy your tools and materials for the best price
  • Unlimited one-on-one email coaching with Jim
  • Cool tips to produce projects faster, without compromising on quality

Jim’s Wood Profits guide will help any amateur furniture maker or woodworking fanatic take their craft to the next level!

Click here to learn more about Jim’s Wood Profits

Wood Profits Banner

Do you love woodworking? Let us know your favorite project in the comments below!

gutter systems

Gutter Systems | Ranking the Top Gutter Systems Available

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When it comes to gutters, you are probably glad you have some, when they work correctly. If they don’t, you may have problems when it rains or if there is a big storm. A gutter is designed for water to follow a certain path from the top of your house until it gets to the ground. This article will tell you everything you need to know about gutter systems, what types there are, and even information on some of the coolest types out there.

What is a gutter system for?

The idea of gutters has been around for thousands of years and they protect your house from having standing water sitting on top of or around it. This may lessen issues on your roof, your yard, and other surrounding areas.

gutter systemGenerally, they include a trough that runs along the edges of your home. It is placed right underneath your roof, so it can catch the water that flows off in a proper manner. The trough links up with a downspout, which brings the water down to the ground. This is the extent of many gutter systems, but there are other types you can purchase, which take the water even further away from your home or make use of it more efficiently.


Gutters come in many different types, although there are two that are widely used. There are those that are shaped like a U, and others that are that are called K-Style. The latter type does not look like the letter K, and they are very common. It is totally up to you to decide which one you want for your home. There are good things and bad things about both types.

Furthermore, there are sectional and seamless types. Sectional types are broken down into smaller pieces that are put together to make the system complete. Seamless gutters are cut to be the proper size and are in one long piece. Many people prefer seamless gutters since they are thought to be harder to clog up and there are fewer structural weaknesses.


Rain gutter systems can be made of many different types of materials. Some of the most popular types are aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum ones are considered the best deal since they won’t rust easily and they are the most economical, while steel costs a bit more and is also high quality.

Other types you can purchase are wooden and copper. Wooden gutters are usually only purchased by those that are trying to renovate a house to its historical glory. They are very expensive and have some serious upkeep. On the other hand, copper systems are also expensive, but they really don’t require any upkeep. They will change color over time, but this is something that adds to their charm.

Additionally, there are a few other materials that you can purchase, like vinyl and zinc, but they are less popular. You should do research to find something that will work best for your purposes. Zinc options may be harder to find than others.


There should be no issue when it comes to colors, since gutters can be found in pretty much any color you want. You can even have them painted a certain color and get them to match your house. Most types can be painted or purchased in various colors, except for copper versions. They are only available in their natural color, so you can have the unique look of them as an accent to your home.


If you have a sloping roof, chances are that you have a rooftop gutter system. This is something that you probably do not pay a lot of attention to day-to-day but it’s actually quite important. If it wasn’t there, you may have more foundation problems, rotten wood, or holes in your roof.

This type of system is sometimes paired with other types of systems, to direct the rainwater far enough away to keep your property safe.

Gutter Guards

On a rooftop system, there are materials you can place in the troughs in order to ensure that they don’t get clogged as easily. These are known as gutter guards, and are available in a number of different types.

These types include foam, mesh, and surface tension types. Each can be installed at any time, and they vary from type to type. There’s not a consensus on which kind is best, although many people prefer the fine mesh type.

Underground Gutter Drainage System

underground gutter drainage systemWhen you have this type of drainage system, the rooftop gutters join up with an underground system of pipes, just as the name suggests. It is actually a pretty complex system, which helps deliver water even farther from your home.

It is a good idea to build this type of system when you build your house, if you are starting from the ground up. If you are upgrading your existing home, you can still install one, but you may need permission from the city. In some cases, you can design it to send the water out to the street or some other place. You want to be sure that it isn’t hurting your yard or a yard near you. It is a great way to keep the water traveling far away from the sensitive areas of your home.

Rain Gutter Grow System

Another type of system that can link up to your rooftop system is a rain gutter grow system. With this type, the water from your gutter is directed into another trough on the ground, which is usually set up with baskets or buckets that contain crops. You use this water to help grow fruits, vegetables, and plants, so that there is no waste. It is a good way to recycle water and also grow something in an environmentally conscious way. In other words, it is a system that waters itself and you don’t have to do much to obtain crops that you can use.

There are some drawbacks to building one, but if you are looking for a cool way to have a garden, it is something you may want to try. There are tutorials on the internet that can help you build one. You don’t need many materials to get started.

Gutter System Installation: Can you put them in yourself?

gutter systemsIf you need to get new gutters or want something different, it is a good idea to hire someone to put them in. There are many parts that have to be measured properly and lined up straight, if they are to work properly. Unless you enjoy this type of thing and have a background in it, it’s not really worth your time. You can get someone to install it and they will do all the work. Their work and the system may come with a warranty too, so you can replace it if something unexpected happens.

In terms of the underground system, you should not install this yourself unless you have a lot of experience in this field. Besides sometimes needing special permissions, you must be sure that it isn’t infringing on your lawn or neighbor’s lawns, so you need to be precise. It takes a lot of measuring and other aspects. The process itself is not difficult but you have to get all the little things right, so they will work when the time comes to use them.

The rain gutter system is something that you can install yourself, as long as you look up how to do it. This is another project where the design isn’t complicated, but there is a lot of measuring, drilling, and getting things lined up precisely. If you aren’t someone that is skilled at this, you may want to ask someone you know that is, or hire a professional to install this as well.

How to Keep Them Looking Good

Once you have a gutter system installed, you will need to keep it looking good and working as it should.

  • Make sure they are clean. Check your gutters every now and then to make sure that they are clean. When leaves and other debris gets stuck in them, they won’t work right and they may leak or not do their job. This can lead to standing water in your yard or something even worse. To clean them, you may either have to put some gloves on and reach in there and remove leaves, or rinse things out with a pressurized wand affixed to your garden hose.
  • Check them out regularly for signs of damage. Besides keeping them clean, you need to be sure that they aren’t rusting or damaged in any way. It should be evident if they have been harmed in some way. They will not work well if they have any type of dents or large holes.
  • Replace anything that needs replacing. If you find that a part of your gutter system needs to be replaced, don’t hesitate to do so. Sometimes it may be covered by your insurance, so you can file a claim and keep your house safe. It’s best not to leave a small problem after you know about it, since it can quickly morph into a large problem.
  • Look at the specifics in your warranty. Read your warranty and your insurance policy on your house, so you’ll be familiar with what is covered and what isn’t. This will also let you know what you may need to pay out of pocket and what will be covered by the insurance or warranty. It’s best to know ahead of time, so you aren’t stuck with a large bill later on.
  • Call a professional if you need help. Just like with the installation, if you need further help with your gutters or need to replace something big, call a professional. Not only can they do the work you need, but they can also give you advice on what you should do if you are unsure.


Gutter Systems Products to Consider

Here are a couple of products that may come in handy when you’re shopping for new gutters.

Gutter Helmet System


This gutter guard is a product that keeps you from having to clean out your gutters all the time. It closes off some of the top of the gutter, meaning there is less room for debris to fall in there and clog the whole thing up. However, it still allows rain to flow through, so that it doesn’t pool up and cause problems.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty. The item comes with a lifetime warranty. It is actually designed to last so long that they call it a triple lifetime warranty. You are unlikely to have to purchase another gutter guard after getting this one. It also means any damage that occurs will be covered, so you won’t have to look elsewhere to get it fixed.
  • Has a special finish. It is painted with a special proprietary material that makes it stronger than other options out there. It also keeps it from fading and makes it less likely to rust.
  • Brackets are high quality. Special brackets are used to secure this to your existing gutter system. These brackets are made out of aluminum alloy and are able to withstand weather events and much more.
  • Unique design. The nose and the outer area of the product are designed to be significant and not like other things you can buy. The nose is constructed to make sure that water is the only thing that can get into it well. The outside of the product has a special texture that allows it to be very strong. This means even if snow or heavy rain hits it, there is a low chance that it will become damaged or fail.
  • Handles over 20 inches of rain an hour. It is able to process up to 20 inches of rain an hour. While this is possible, this isn’t likely, so you are well covered. No matter where you live, it should be able to meet the demands you put on it.
  • Many colors to choose from.  There are numerous colors you can choose from when you purchase this product. You should be able to find something that matches and works well with your home.


This aluminum gutter guard is able to keep up with your gutters and do a lot of work, so you don’t have to do it yourself. It can save you time and money, since you won’t have to get outside on nice days and clean out your gutters. The warranty it comes with may even be better than the gutters themselves, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for such an item.

Helmet Heat


If you live in an area that is quite cold or sees a lot of snow, this product can help you out. It is designed to melt the ice and snow, so it does not accumulate on your gutters and the top of your house. Once it melts, it can flow down your gutters, just as rain would. It is also fitted to work with the Gutter Helmet system seamlessly, and you won’t even see it when it is installed.

  • Easy to use. Once you have this inserted into your gutter system, you won’t really have to think about it much. It is a breeze to use and you can take your pick of one of the two possible control boxes it comes with. These boxes are weatherproof and you just have to push a button on the outside to turn the machine on.
  • Commercial grade parts. Some of the parts used in this machine are commercial grade. One of these is the cable that is inside the unit. It will not break down or become hot to the touch. This means there is really no chance that it will burn you at any time.
  • Will not overheat. Another thing this powerful device promises is that it won’t overheat. It is designed to work well all winter at a steady temperature without failing.
  • Keeps snow and ice away. The main purpose of it is to keep ice and snow off your roof and keep it from falling down in dangerous amounts or sheets. It gently melts them, so they run down your gutters and won’t be a safety hazard.
  • Works in conjunction with Gutter Helmet system. This is installed underneath the Gutter Helmet, so it can’t be seen. This also means that it is protected from the elements, which is a good thing.

The Helmet Heat can be a lifesaver if you live in a chilly place. Since there is no upkeep and you don’t have to worry about looking after it, you can spend your time getting other parts of your home ready for the frigid temperatures. It is also easy to control and will stay warm all season. This adds up to many things to like, especially if you want to install the Gutter Helmet system into your home as well.


While thinking about and purchasing gutters may not be the most glamorous thing in the world, they are an important part of your home. They keep weather events from harming your homestead and can protect you in a number of different ways.

A properly installed gutter drainage system can shield you for many years without fail. Some types have long warranties and others are covered by home insurance. You can purchase them in a number of different materials, styles, and colors. There are so many ways you can customize your system, so that it fits your house just the way you want it to.

Besides that, you are able to do additional things with your gutter system, such as running underground lines, using the runoff water to grow crops, and even doing your best to ensure that your gutters stay clean.

In the last category, there are so many products that can help you out. The two that were discussed in this article are pretty much invaluable. You really can’t have one without the other.

The Gutter Helmet is not only impressive because of its lifetime warranty, but also because the whole thing is made well and constructed of strong materials. When you own one, you won’t be spending a lot of time cleaning out your gutters because they will stay clean. This is a big plus and something that pretty much everyone wants. It can be dangerous and exhausting to have to physically clean out the gutters, especially if they are really clogged. A gutter guard like this one does that work for you, but still lets water flow through just fine. This means it can be used even if you have an underground gutter drainage system or rain gutter grow system.

The Helmet Heat is also very impressive, especially in snowy locales. Icicles will no longer be a problem and you won’t have to be afraid to go outside and look up. This product melts them and melts any dangerous ice and snow that is trying to accumulate on your gutters. It is fitted into the Gutter Helmet system as well, so even though you can’t see it, you will know it’s working.

Overall, you just need to know what you want and in what color. Keep in mind that it is best if you get a professional to do all the hard work. You will be glad you did too, especially if something goes wrong and you need any further help. Always keep your gutters clean and looking good, and they will keep working the way that they are designed to. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet – New Way to Keep Your Gutters Clean

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]All of us know that awful feeling. The cluttered gutter finally has reached that point that neglecting its staggering debris only can end in complete chaos. The tricky part, of course, is finding the inspiration to brave the possible vertigo of an old ladder and spend some precious weekend time taking care of gutter maintenance. That’s where the benefits of buying a gutter guard from Gutter Helmet comes into play.

Why, precisely, should you guard the system?

From avoiding the outcome of clogged-up gutters to reducing the dangers of repairing this predicament, the benefits of adding guards to the house are plentiful. Let us take a closer look into how gutter guards assist in keeping your mind away from gutters and toward your more relaxing activities.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Preserving Gutters

If a homeowner sees the gutters of a home as nothing more than just inconveniences whenever they suffer clogged gutters, it is time to know their advantageous purpose. To start with, a gutter is a critical accessory for making sure water never enters your house whenever it is raining outside. As water accumulates upon the roof, a multitude of negative consequences might come up, which includes the following:

  • Ice damming in the winter
  • Pest and mosquito infiltration
  • Development of wood root
  • Mold or moss buildup
  • Flooding or leaks

How do guards work?

how does gutter helmet work?Not correctly guarding the gutter system may cause more unfortunate outcomes which do not even relate to a roof. As water isn’t correctly channeled from the property, you might suffer several setbacks, which range from landscape erosion to exterior damage, basement leaks, and driveway cracks. Put plainly, guarding the gutters with Gutter Helmet will not only efficiently monitor your maintenance of your gutters, but possibly save you from spending a lot of money in repairs in the long-term.

As you have Gutter Helmet installed onto the gutters, get prepared to sit, relax, as well as keep your maintenance tools and ladder in your shed. Guards from Gutter Helmet are made of a micro mesh screen of stainless steel that is supported by its vinyl body. Gutter Helmet is placed onto your property’s current gutters, and it doesn’t disturb your shingles or roof.

To really consider the benefits of installing a Gutter Helmet guard onto the roof, you must start to look at the larger picture.

The Gutter Helmet gutter guard’s mesh material is woven so finely that it’ll eliminate any type of debris which will build up inside the gutter’s rail. A grain of sand cannot even fit between the mesh screen’s holes; therefore, it is guaranteed that only water flows through the gutter’s system. The vinyl, rigid frame supporting the filter also is made to be fade, sun, and temperature-resistant; therefore, it is up for whichever challenges the unforeseen weather will bring to your house. Lastly, Gutter Helmet features a subtle drip-edge which assists in keeping the front of your gutter clean. Pine needles, leaves, and additional debris are diverted over the drip corner as water is pulled through the mesh screen inside the gutters.

Additional Benefits

To really consider the benefits of having Gutter Helmet gutter guards placed onto your house, you should start to consider the larger picture. In addition to being guaranteed that you never will need to endure clogged gutters ever again, you also can rest assured that the purchase is going to be accompanied by a transferable, lifetime warranty.

They typically are installed in less than one day and are going to work with your current gutters, which means you never will need to break the ladder out nor be concerned with a day spent sorting through algae and buildup again. Those are merely some of the ways guarding the gutter will improve and continuously preserve your residence.

With that being said, let’s go over a couple of products today:

1.) Gutter Helmet System

When we state that Gutter Helmet is the permanent option to your gutter protection needs, we really mean it. There is a reason why this brand has been number one among America’s top gutter systems for over 35 years, and it is this: their product works.

How Does Gutter Helmet Work?

The science behind their best-selling systems is easy. Within the 1960s, their scientists discovered that surface tension passively can draw rainwater around the corner of a gutter cover and inside the gutter channel while permitting debris to harmlessly fall to the floor. Gutter Helmet accomplishes that through the action of its patented nose-forward design and ribbed surface.

Gutter Helmet Benefits and Features

The brand is the sole gutter protection system in the marketplace which provides all the following:

  • Heavy-duty mounting brackets
  • PermaLife™ finish
  • Ribbed and textured surface
  • Patented nose-forward design
  • Triple Lifetime Warranty

And if you ever have needed to muck out your clogged gutter, you already have knowledge of one of the main real-world advantages of having the Helmet installed- you never will need to do the job on your own!

Installation of the Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet only can be installed by and purchased through certified and factory-trained dealers. Each installation involves a careful evaluation of your gutters, roof, and fascia boards for gutter realignment and tune-up.

Gutter Helmet Cost

The condition of your current gutter systems, size of your home, and need for specialized equipment for installation all will have an effect on how much cash you will have to pay to have the Helmet installed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

2.) Helmet Heat Ice Reduction System: The Proven Ice Dam Solution

Gutter Helmet’s Helmet Heat is a self-regulating, exclusive heating cable made to keep snow and ice from building up around the roof’s edges.

How Does it Work?

Helmet Heat decreases ice dams by melting snow before it has the opportunity to accumulate at the roof eaves and impact water flow through the downspouts and gutters. In that way, damage is averted.

Benefits and Features

gutter helmet heatAdvantages of having a Helmet Heat installed onto your house include:

  • Full compatibility with Gutter Helmet system
  • Material efficiency
  • Clean installation
  • Safety
  • Self-regulation
  • Energy efficiency

Helmet Heat and Gutter Helmet together generate an unbeatable one-two punch against frozen gutters and ice dams.


Helmet Heat is directly installed underneath the gutter covers of the Gutter Helmet, without exposed wire or visible roof clips. It may be mounted on any house which uses Gutter Helmet’s gutter protection system. The dealer in your area may simultaneously set up both systems.

Operating Directions

As the Helmet Heat gets installed onto your house, all you have to do is switch it off or on at the suggested times through a heat cable breaker or with a light switch. Any buildup which already has formed might be manually knocked off to expedite thawing.

Gutter Helmet Reviews

Leaf Guard vs Gutter Helmet (Product B)

Background of Product B:

Product B can be marketed by The Englert Corporation of Perth Amboy, NJ. The main Englert Corporation, as listed on the site (www.englertinc.com), sells gutters, metal roofing, portable roll-form equipment, and coil coating. Englert doesn’t list Product B as a main business, doesn’t make Product B products, and doesn’t control the quality of the installation or product. Englert markets the brand name of Product B and manufacturing equipment to independent dealers who buy gutter coil stock, as well as pay a per-foot fee to Englert. Product B’s products are field-manufactured upon the job site. The product’s quality and all machine maintenance and adjustment are dependent on the level and capability of training of every operator.

Gutter Helmet® Comparative Details:

Gutter Helmet® is marketed and manufactured by a Gibraltar Industries Company referred to as SEMCO Southeastern Metals. Every Gutter Helmet® product is made at the company factory inside Jacksonville, FL. This center features cutting-edge equipment, a fully equipped test lab, and a dedicated team of Gutter Helmet® specialists, which includes manufacturing, engineering, customer service, quality control, as well as warehouse logistics. Gutter Helmet® quality and production are monitored and controlled from the first specification of raw materials to the end installation and delivery by expert dealers.

Market Data

The sales strategy of Product B includes marketing the product as a “Gutter That Never Clogs.” Dealers of Product B are franchised, with huge up-front fees utilized to launch big promo campaigns. Product B possesses a two-tiered price structure which markets to new home builders at significantly discounted wholesale prices, as well as to homeowners at significantly greater retail prices. High equipment prices oftentimes result in one dealer serving a multitude of marketplaces, scheduling installation routes ahead of time.

Product B Product Claims/ Marketing

1st Claim: Product B is the Number One Guaranteed Clog-free Gutter.


  • Product B is a one-piece gutter cover/gutter combination; therefore, it’s a factual, yet misleading claim. For each Product B system installed, five Gutter Helmets are expertly installed over full-size, existing gutters. That easily positions Gutter Helmet® as the number one protection system for gutters.
  • Product B doesn’t claim to keep debris out of your gutters. Dealers make a promise that gutters are going to be cleaned free of charge if they’re correctly maintained and installed and if the initial Product B dealer still is in business!
  • Product B’s dealers regularly price their systems to prepay for cleanout calls according to the kind of trees that are present in a home’s area. In heavy pine/ leaf areas, gutters are priced to be more expensive because higher service levels are needed for cleanout services.
  • Product B’s design offers a continuous 5/8-inch vertical opening. A vertical opening won’t prevent falling debris and leaves from getting into your gutter. On the Gutter Helmet®, its ‘nose-forward’ position is going to protect a continuous 3/8-inch water opening, which means there isn’t any vertical opening to permit debris and leaves to enter.

2nd Claim: Product B is the sole seamless available gutter protection system.


That’s not a factual statement. Product B and some smaller businesses all roll-form seamless covers from common gutter coil stock on the jobsite. As there definitely are benefits to seamless gutters, there’s absolutely no functional benefit to seamless gutter covers. As a matter of fact, there are several definite downsides to seamless covers.

Downsides involve:

  1. Ladder placement and falling branches cause damage and dents to all gutter protection systems, which include Product B and additional competitors. Repair of a two-foot segment of damaged Product B will require full replacement of the whole gutter run at high cost. Repair of the Gutter Helmet® requires the inexpensive, simple replacement of a five-foot section.
  2. Seamless one-piece covers can’t be opened for cleaning (point #2 on 1st claim).
  3. Field-manufactured product quality depends on consistent machine maintenance, as well as adjustment in all types of weather, and on the operator’s training and ability.

The panels of the Gutter Helmet® are made with an overlap ‘step’ in order for the installations to look seamless as they are installed over full-sized gutters, but have the convenience and functionality of five-foot panels.

3rd Claim: Installation of the Gutter Helmet® is going to de-laminate shingles, as well as void roof warranties.

Because Product B installs upon the fascia, the roof warranty is protected.


  • It’s a false statement. Gutter Helmet® instructions and samples recently were sent to the major roof manufacturers. Letters that were received from the Technical Service Directors of those businesses state,

“Our limited warranty against manufacturing defects stays in full effect and force as the product is installed with our shingles…. Gutter Helmet® products, as installed according to the manufacturer’s directions, don’t void the Celotex™ Limited Warranties.”

Certainteed offered verbal approval yet wouldn’t give out a reference letter.

  • While it’s a fact that Product B doesn’t void roof warranties or de-laminate shingles, it also is a fact that Gutter Helmet® doesn’t void warranties or de-laminate shingles either. Most houses have multiple roof penetrations for vents, air conditioning equipment, skylights, and so on and so forth. And shingles are put in with more than 5,000 roof-penetrating nails. Those roof penetrations and additions don’t void warranties. Gutter Helmet® under-shingle installations of 120’ only require 26 fasteners, all of which get sealed using a poly-butyl sealant that permanently protects a roof’s integrity. Those sealed fasteners don’t de-laminate shingles and won’t void the roof warranty.
  • Product B installs right onto the fascia, yet fascia mounting oftentimes creates serious issues that aren’t there with full-size gutters. The bottom corner of a roof has an applied drip-edge made to install in conjunction with full-sized gutters. Rainwater will flow over the shingles and then backward towards the fascia (through water surface tension). This drip-edge will protect a house by channeling the rainwater away from the fascia and inside the gutter. However, on Product B’s system, damaging rainwater often is trapped between the fascia and the gutter. Installers apply a caulk seam alongside the top backside of the gutter to attempt to prevent water damage, yet water which finds its way behind the gutter through missing or cracked caulk leads to fascia damage and rot.

4th Claim: Product B is able to deal with up to 21” of rainfall/ hour (in calculated laboratory tests).


  • It’s an outrageous claim. About 21” of rainwater that falls on an 1,800 square foot house in an hour equates to over 25,000 gallons of rainwater. In order to deal with 25,000 gallons of rainwater, gutters have to drain around 420 gallons each minute. The capacity of Product B’s gutter upon an 1,800 square foot house is just 66 gallons, and that’s just if the house has continuous gutters on all sides! For that claim to be a fact, downspouts must fully drain 100 percent of the maximum capacity of Product B’s gutters every 9.4 seconds.
  • Product B says that their gutters won’t prevent runoff within corners, heavy-flow, and low spaces. Within roof valleys in which there’s a heavy water concentration or at the lowest spot of the gutter run like the corners, some of that water might overshoot Englert’s Product B gutter.

Facts Which Product B Dealers Don’t Want Consumers to Know:

  • The gutters of Product B are undersized and don’t meet the building code rain ability requirements of most cities. The capacity of one foot of Product B is 0.39 gallons of rainwater, whereas the capacity of one foot of standard five-inch gutter is 1.2 gallons. That means one gallon of rainwater will require a minimum of 31” of Product B’s gutter, yet just 10” of a five-inch gutter. Product B’s under-sized capacity is even higher in spaces in which six-inch gutters are common.
  • The capacity of one foot of standard six-inch gutters is 1.80 gallons, or a gallon of rain will require 6.7” of gutter (versus 31” of Product B). Stated plainly, a five-inch gutter deals with over three times the maximum capacity of Product B’s gutter, whereas a six-inch gutter deals with over 4.5 times the maximum capacity of Product B’s gutter!

*** UPDATE*** Within a couple of the newer marketplaces, Product B’s dealer’s field-manufacture gutters upon a ‘large-capacity’ new machine made to assist in overcoming the multiple shortcomings of the initial undersized gutters. The all-new profile boosts the rain trough size to 4.5-inches in width by 2.5-inches in height. This ‘large-capacity’ new profile still is 31.84 percent smaller than a standard five-inch gutter!

  • Product B’s system requires at least 50 percent more downspouts than a standard gutter. In order to compensate for an undersized gutter, more downspouts must be installed, and every downspout must be oversized to assist in accelerating drainage.
  • Product B’s installation prices are misleading. The majority of homeowners don’t understand or know the overall length of gutters necessary for their house. Gutter Helmet® installs over current gutters with a measurable, known length. Product B’s dealers take off the initial gutters and re-measure, which adds the length of all new downspouts to the overall footage requirement. 10 feet on average are added for every downspout, and because Product B’s system possesses a capacity of just 1/3 – 1/4 that of full-sized gutters, at least 50 percent more downspouts are needed.

That means Product B might quote a lower PER-FOOT cost than a Gutter Helmet® system, yet 60 – 80 extra feet of downspouts usually are needed for Product B’s installation. Most Product B dealers will charge the same per foot price for downspouts as for a gutter itself, significantly inflating the total price of installation.

  • Product B’s dealers remove (then destroy) the homeowner’s current full-sized gutter system and then replace it with under-capacity gutters, even if current gutters don’t need to be replaced. This replacement/ removal forces the homeowner into a permanent situation with Product B’s system and dealer dependency, even if a homeowner isn’t satisfied.


gutter helmetEach Gutter Helmet® dealer has the job of understanding and sharing the superior product features offered by the professional installation of the Gutter Helmet® system.

  • The Helmet has the patented and exclusive PermaLife™ coating which resists fading, corrosion, and chalking. Product B refers to its coating as Castleclad™, yet it’s a polyester coating.
  • Gutter Helmet® has a textured surface which performs 60 percent better than the smooth surface of Product B.
  • The Helmet features a special nose-forward position without any vertical openings. Product B features a vertical opening which permits debris and leaves to get inside.
  • Gutter Helmet® has the strength of patented 50-gauge brackets, which adds support and strength to the gutter and system.
  • The system is a full-size cover which can handle the heaviest of rainfalls and fasten to full-size, existing gutters that carry even the heaviest of rains away from a home’s landscaping and foundation.
  • A full-sized gutter may be pitched to offer maximum drainage within the smallest possible gutter run. Product B’s gutters are formed using a continuous, single run which must be pitched high to low and appears crooked upon the consumer’s home. They also require more downspouts.
  • Gutter Helmet® offers the best warranty within the industry – a transferrable, lifetime warranty on performance and material.