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3 Best Online Woodworking Schools and Beginner Woodworking Classes

Woodworking can be both a great hobby and a fun way to make money. However, it can be hard to know where to begin, whether you’re starting your first project or beginning to sell your masterpieces. From beginner woodworking crafters to seasoned wood furniture makers, an online woodworking school will help you advance your skills, complete new and exciting projects, build and organize your own home shop, and monetize your hard work.

No matter what skill level you’re at, you’re sure to learn industry secrets that will help you find the best tools, save money, and learn new techniques.

Each of these woodworking schools is created by woodworking professionals who went through the hard work, trial, and error so you don’t have to. Learn tips and tricks from the best of the best to advance your skill and have fun while doing it!

1.      Ted’s Woodworking

Wood Plans Woodworking Carpentry Download

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If you’ve ever wanted a specific piece of furniture but became frustrated when you couldn’t find it in retail, then Ted’s Woodworking school is the solution for you. The same applies if you’ve ever dreamed of building a custom piece or completing a project but can’t find any detailed plans to follow.

Ted Mcgrath is a certified master woodworker, author, and trainer who was once in your shoes. He believes in using detailed plans for maximum effectiveness and minimal effort. He’s also the brains behind Ted’s Woodworking school, where you can find his professional woodworking projects.

Ted offers students of all levels a package of 16,000 woodworking projects with easy-to-follow plans that include step-by-step blueprints. These plans empower you to get started in woodworking and take on that dream project, wherever your current skill level is at.

When you purchase Ted’s Woodworking Plans package, you’ll receive:

1.      Step-By-Step Instructions

You’ll receive detailed projects with step by step, start to finish instructions that make building woodworking projects super fast, super easy and super fun.

With the simple “hold-you-by-the hand” instructions, you can complete woodworking projects in a small fraction of the time it used to take you. It’s like having a master woodworker at your beck and call, guiding you through every project.

2.      Cutting & Materials List

By being provided with a cutting and materials list for each project, you’ll be able to save precious time and money on the wrong materials and the wrong wood. Instead, you’ll be spending more time building your dream project.

3.      Detailed Schematics

Colorful schematics included in each plan eliminate guesswork and make even the most challenging projects seem simple, allowing you to complete projects in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

4.      Views from All Angles

With an overall view of the project, you’ll be able to take a detailed look at every angle before you start to build.

5.      Suitable for Beginners & Professionals

Ted’s has a variety of plans for every skill level – so don’t worry, you don’t have to have expensive machinery or be a master woodworker for his plans. From complete beginner, amateur woodworker, to seasoned pro, you’ll find a wide selection of projects that will inspire you.

How does Ted’s Woodworking School Work?

When you purchase a membership to Ted’s Woodworking Plans, you’ll gain access to 16,000 plans. In addition, new plans drafted from his workshop are released every month to keep things fresh! With a membership, you’ll gain lifetime access to a membership area where you can download these new monthly plans. The best part? There are no recurring fees and no expiration date. Ted even goes above and beyond by offering to have students submit plans they would like to have drafted.

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2.      Ultimate Small Shop: How to Set Up a Complete Shop on a Budget

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So, you’ve got your plans and know what you want to build, but where can you build it? This is where the Ultimate Small Shop can help. This woodworking school offers a complete guide to building an efficient and complete woodworking shop for under $1,000. This guide even includes a shopping list of the best tools to buy as well as links to buy them at the best price. It also includes floorplans for drafting optimized layouts for even the smallest of spaces.

The Ultimate Small Shop is ideal for anyone who’s ever asked themselves the following questions:

  • How much money will building a woodworking workshop cost me?
  • Is my space big enough for a functional workshop?
  • What are the bare minimum tools I need for creating basic wood projects?
  • How can I avoid bad quality tools that will bite the dust in the first year?
  • When it comes to tools, how good is good enough? Do I need to buy high end tools to ensure durability?
  • Is it a bad idea to buy used tools?
  • What are the key considerations in setting up a proper workshop?

Ralph Chapman, a fellow woodworker, started the Ultimate Small Shop guide in response to his own struggles and frustrations with buying tools, setting up his workshop, and building projects. He’s compiled all his knowledge into one easy-to-follow guide.

In this detailed guide, Chapman will hold your hand through the process of designing and putting together your own fully functional workshop for less than $1,000.

The 246-page illustrated Ultimate Small Shop guide is broken up into six modules (one for every area of setting up a home workshop):

Module #1: Tool Selection

Tools can be very expensive and can run your wallet dry if you buy the wrong ones. Buying the wrong tools can also discourage and prevent you from pursuing woodworking projects. This module will help you find the right tools at the best price so you don’t have to guess anymore.

Module #2: Space Selection

Setting up a long-term shop is the key to success, whether or not it will be for professional or personal projects. Getting it right will save you a headache and will make your woodworking projects run much more smoothly.

Module #3: Shop Layouts

Once your location is mapped out and your tools are on the way, you have to decide on the best layout for your woodworking shop. This guide will help!

Module #4: Electricity, Lighting and Sound Proofing

After deciding on your layout, you have to incorporate electricity, lighting, and sound proofing into your plan. This guide will ensure you’re choosing the right features for your shop.

Module #5: Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & Dust

This is one of the most important modules and shouldn’t be overlooked. Heating, cooling, and ventilation can mean the difference between working in comfort and working in irritation and discomfort.

Module #6: Safety & More

Organizing and maintaining the overall safety of your new woodworking shop is the final step.

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3. Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits: How to Start Your Own Woodworking Business from Home

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If you have a passion for woodworking, starting a business out of your home can be fun and easy to get going with the help of Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits woodworking school. Jim Morgan takes you through the ins and outs of starting your own woodworking business from the comfort of your own home and with minimal capital. Turning your passion into profit can earn you a nice part-time income right from your garage.

Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits guide is right for you if:

  • You want more flexible work hours that allow you to work from home and spend more time with your family
  • You’ve always wanted to pursue your passion in your free time, without having to give up your regular job
  • You want a small business that you can grow into your main source of income (if you choose to do so)
  • Starting a business that you’re passionate about is a big goal of yours

Jim’s Wood Profits guide is a collection of wisdom he’s gained from his own experiences that includes everything you need to know about setting up, running, and growing a woodworking business from your home. Wood Profits is easily downloadable and comes with an accompanying MP3 audio transcription and CD so you can listen on the go if needed. This detailed guide provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to make money by selling wooden furniture, crafts, and other projects.

Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits guide includes:

  • Marketing methods to get the word out about your products
  • How to attract customers and make your business profitable
  • What words to use to increase sales
  • A list of high-margin, easy-to-sell crafts you can build with basic woodworking tools
  • The type of furniture with the best markup, plus an analysis of the pieces with the highest ROI
  • How to tap into a high profit niche
  • The top 10 most profitable woodworking crafts
  • Finding your target audience
  • How to get glowing testimonials from your customers for free
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Where to buy your tools and materials for the best price
  • Unlimited one-on-one email coaching with Jim
  • Cool tips to produce projects faster, without compromising on quality

Jim’s Wood Profits guide will help any amateur furniture maker or woodworking fanatic take their craft to the next level!

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Do you love woodworking? Let us know your favorite project in the comments below!