tips to reduce dust in home

How to Reduce Dust in Home: 10 Useful Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

how to reduce dust in home No matter what you do and how much you spend cleaning, dust will always find its way back to your home.

This is absolutely normal.

Dust is made up of many tiny particles that are naturally found in your home like dead skin cells, fabric particles, pollen and all other sorts of things. Every time you open your window, your door, open a closet or simply sit or sleep, you are creating and letting in dust into your home. But unfortunately dust accumulation can lead to serious health problems. It can cause dust mites and different allergies.

We really think it’s important to know how to reduce dust in home. That’s why we propose to you our 10 tips that help to keep your home cleaner.

How to Reduce Dust in Home

In this article we highlight the 10 best ways to reduce dust in your home. Following these useful tips will keep your house clean and dust free.

1. Change your bedding

Dust is made up of many tiny particles. Most of these particles are dead skin cells that our bodies normally shed. Our bodies rub against the sheets when we sleep; this means that these skin cells tend to shed more on our beds. Changing your bed sheets once or twice a week will help you get rid of these dust particles. Ventilate your duvet and blanket every now and then. Sunlight will keep dust mites at bay.

2. Keep Your Closet Tidy

Dust is made up of tiny fabric particles and this is why closets are dust haven with all the shed fabric particles from clothes, bedding and towels. Instead of storing your clothes in the wardrobe, you can put them in vacuum sealed bags. On one hand, you will not have to deal with a lot of dust particles and on the other hand you will save valuable space. Ordinary plastic bags are also great because they let you see what it is inside while locking dust in.

3. Clean your rugs and carpets

Carpets and rugs can look gorgeous, but unfortunately, they are dust mites’ favorite home. You need to vacuum carpets every day since they collect and host dust particles. They also keep most of the dirt you bring in with your shoes after walking outside. Even with regular vacuuming, you will not be able to get rid of all the dust accumulated in your carpet. You might want to invest in a durable vacuum cleaner that has a double filter. Also taking a rug outside and beating it is essential to get rid of the accumulated dust.

4. Take care of clutter

Piles of unused magazines, toys or clothes consume precious space and are a great home for dust mites. Cleaning around unused things is not enough and will not eliminate the accumulation of dust.

Go through your clutter. Get rid of everything you don’t need.

You will be getting rid of dust and you will be saving space in your home.

5. Clean your furniture thoroughly

Your furniture needs to be cleaned to keep dust and dust mites at bay. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean your sofas and chairs. Most vacuum cleaners have special heads that are especially designed to clean furniture. You can also use a steam cleaner to kill off dust mites, but make sure that your furniture is designed to tolerate temperature. You can take your cushions and shake them or give them a proper beating outside. This will help you get rid of the accumulated dust that can’t be seen.

6. Choose the right type of furniture and flooring

Choosing the right bed could be a factor in reducing dust in your home. Some mattresses are especially made to fight off dust mites. To keep dust away from your box spring, you can cover your mattress in an allergen proof case. Invest in leather or vinyl covered furniture which will be easier to clean and will trap less dust inside. You might want to consider investing in a different type of flooring. Consider covering your floors in tile, hardwood or vinyl if you suffer from dust allergies.

7. Use the right cleaning tools

You need to be cleaning off dust not spreading it around. Make sure that you are using the right cleaning tools. Feather dusters spread dust around without actually cleaning any. That is why it is better to use cleaning rags or cloths. Damp and microfiber cloths do a better job at collecting dust particles. Some cleaning cloths attract dust using oils or wax and can make everything look shiny, but they might leave a residue on your furniture. Some cleaning cloths collect particles using static energy which is very efficient at wiping dust off. These are better at cleaning wood work and leather furniture. If you are using a cleaning spray, use the recommended amount as too much spray can leave your furniture sticky, this will in turn attract more dust particles.

8. Take care of the air in your home

Dust gets transmitted in the air. If you have a cooling or heating system, you can upgrade it to get rid of dust. Installing a filter will attract dust like magnet and will definitely improve the condition of dust and its accumulation in your home. An electrostatic filter could be a little expensive, but will be very beneficial, especially if you have allergies. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can opt for a disposable air filter. Choose a fiberglass or pleated filter to trap the dust particles and make sure that you change it regularly.

9. Clean right

The way you clean your house can help reduce the amount of dust in your home.

Clean from the top to bottom.

This way you make sure that you will capture all the dust you missed. Take your items outside, when possible. You will be able to shake them and beat them up properly to get rid of all the trapped dust particles. Finish off by vacuuming the floors. Schedule a daily, weekly and monthly routine to keep your home in top condition.

10. Schedule a cleaning routine

Cleaning the whole house could be a bit overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it for a long time. Schedule a daily, weekly and monthly routine using the right tools. This way you will ensure that dust doesn’t accumulate and stick to your furniture and to the corners. Wipe your furniture and change your bedding once a week. While it is better to vacuum the floors daily.

The proper cleaning of your house will never eliminate dust completely. But will definitely reduce dust in your home. Following these tips will help you keep your home as a healthy and dust free environment.


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