how to use a steam iron properly

How to Use a Steam Iron: What Is Important to Know

Even though these home appliances are very convenient and easy to use, there are several recommendation on how to use a steam iron properly.

Iron care instructions

  1. how to use a steam ironIt is best to use distilled water to avoid scaling.
  2. Set the right temperature mode. Otherwise, the fabric may stick to the soleplate and you will damage the clothing.
  3. Use mild cleaners for cleaning the soleplate. Never use objects that may scratch it.

Cleaning an anti-oxide iron rod

Besides self-cleaning, we recommend cleaning an anti-oxide iron rod once a month. To do this, make sure that there is no water in the iron and set the iron to “selfclean” mode. This will slightly lift a rod. A rod is pulled out differently depending on a model; you can read about this in the instructions to your iron. Carefully remove a rod and dip it in a glass with white vinegar or natural lemon juice for 4 hours. Then rinse the rod under running water, not touching it with fingers.

Warning! An iron can’t work without this rod. In order to properly insert a rod back, read the instructions, but usually an iron should still be in the “selfclean” mode.

Consider the features of fabrics

  • Lingerie and clothes made of cotton and linen are difficult to iron properly. Try not to overdry them. If they have a raised pattern or embroidery, iron it only from the reverse side.

  • When ironing woolen clothes, set the iron at the moderate temperature. Iron through a damp cloth. Otherwise, clothes can deform and you may leave a trace of iron on them. Do not iron knitted or jercey clothing with embossed patterns.

  • Iron jercey cautiously, without pressure. Streaming function will also help a lot.

  • If you are ironing velveteen, an iron should be barely warm. Experts advise to iron this fabric from the inside.

  • Iron items made of viscose without steam. Improper ironing may leave stains.

  • Silk can be ironed only with a barely warm iron and inside out.

What else is important to know

  • Before turning on the device, read the instructions carefully. Make sure that the outlet, that you want to plug an iron in, has the correct voltage. The iron cable shall not be damaged

  • Starting to use an iron, never point the steam directly at the laundry, as a steam tank of a new device may be dirty.

Note: first fill water into the compartment, steam the iron and then start ironing.

  • Pour the water into an iron tank or pour it out only if the device is unplugged. Do not neglect safety measures.

  • Do not fill water above the maximum level.

  • Experts strongly recommend pouring the water out after ironing, set the iron handle to “no steam” and store an iron in an upright position in a cool place. Why? If you do not set the “no steam” mode, the remaining water will go to the soleplate, which is not recommended.

  • Iron only clean clothes. If there are stains on them, they will permeate into fabric at ironing and will be hard to remove afterwards.

  • The soleplate can be easily cleaned with baking soda.

  • Before ironing, make sure you have set the right temperature range for a fabric.

  • Iron laundry only lengthwise not to stretch or deform it.

  • It is recommended to iron fabrics starting from low to high temperature, not vice versa.

  • First iron synthetic fabrics, then, silk, wool, cotton and linen.

  • When lowering the ironing temperature, wait a little for an iron to cool down.

  • When ironing clothing made of various fabrics, set it for a fabric with the lowest temperature.

  • For the best steam, wait for a while before starting again.

  • Turn off an iron and empty a water tank after each use.

If you want your clothing to always look neat and beautiful, choose a steam iron. It will help you quickly and easily iron any fabric.

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