how to clean a house fast

20 Rules to Clean a House Fast

20 rules to clean a house fastIn everyday life sometimes we need to clean our house fast, but, unfortunately, often lose temper and cleaning turns into a chaotic process and an attempt to do everything at once does not give the desired results.

Developing a personal cleaning system will allow to avoid the confusion and help you clean quickly and efficiently. It is very simple to do.

Following the recommendations below you will quickly clean an apartment with amazing results.


Start with cleaning a kitchen.

1. Removing unnecessary objects

To make a kitchen look clean and refresh it a little, take two minutes to remove all objects from the tabletop and kitchen table, that you don’t need right now. The fewer objects on the kitchen surfaces, the cleaner and neater the kitchen space looks.

2. Washing the dishes

If you have a dishwasher, load it with all dishes and run it. If a dishwasher is a luxury that you can’t afford and you need to clean a kitchen quickly not for yourself (you are waiting for guests) – carefully put all dirty dishes in one of the kitchen cabinets and deal with them later after guests leave.

3. Cleaning cooking surfaces

Wipe countertops and tabletops with a special microfiber cloth starting from the far corner towards you, brushing dust and crumbs to the floor.

4. Wiping kitchen appliances

Wipe the microwave oven, coffee maker, refrigerator, stove, multicooker, bread machine and other appliances’ surfaces with a slightly wet cloth.

5. Sweeping and washing the floor

This is the most important. Sweep the floor, starting from the far corner and move to the exit. Then, wipe the floor with a mop made of special microfiber. Start from the far corner and gradually move back to the door.

6. Removing tough stains

There are some tough stains on the counter top or a kitchen stove? Scraping with a metal object may scratch it and we don’t need that. Try to use a bank card instead, the plastic will not scratch the surface. Wipe the scraped places with a damp sponge rubber – it will eliminate damp stains.


The next room to clean is a bedroom.

7. Remove everything that you don’t need in the bedroom

Remove the dirty bed linen and throw it in a laundry basket. Hide unnecessary items from the dressing table in the nearby drawers or cabinets. For a bedroom to look neat, all surfaces must be Spartan-like, that means nothing unnecessary!

8. Making a bed

Many people waste precious minutes on trying to stick bedsheets between a bed and mattress. You can make a bed much easier and faster if lifting a mattress with one hand and putting the edge of sheets under it with the second hand.

9. Wiping dust

For the best result, use a dry microfiber cloth. Start cleaning the furniture in the far corner and move clockwise. Wipe the surfaces in neat moves from the far corner of the object towards you, wiping dust and rubbish to the floor. It is important to touch every part of the surface only once. No need to waste time rubbing randomly in one place.

10. Vacuuming the floor

Start vacuuming from the far corner of the bedroom and gradually move back to the door. To speed up the process, make wide and long hand movements. Vacuum one floor area only once. Do not make back and forth movements, this means additional seconds. It is not a tragedy if you accidentally missed a few centimeters.

Bathroom and Toilet

Cleaning your bathroom and toilet is no less important.

11. Applying a cleaner

Apply a bathroom cleaner to the sink, toilet, shower stall or bath to clean dirty surfaces.

12. Wiping a shower stall or bath

If you need to scrub a bath or shower stall, just wipe it with a cloth, then rinse with a pre-applied cleaner and close a shower curtain.

13. Cleaning a mirror

Spray a glass cleaner on the mirror and wipe the surface in circular movements starting from the top.

14. Cleaning a toilet

Sprinkle baking soda or dry cleaner on the inner surface of the toilet bowl, thoroughly clean it with a toilet brush, then drain the water several times. Wipe the outer surfaces of the toilet tank and toilet bowl with a microfiber cloth and a cleaning spray.

15. Cleaning a sink

Use an old toothbrush to clean hard to reach areas.

16. Wash the floor

Wipe the floor with a microfiber mop. Start with the far corner and move back to the exit.

Living room

The last stage is a living room.

17. Cleaning up the mess in a living room

Quickly access the degree of messiness in the room, note scattered things and objects in the wrong place. Put all of them in place. Neatly pile magazines and newspapers on a coffee table.

18. Cleaning the dust

Wipe the dust like in the bedroom.

19. Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces

For cleaning of glass surfaces and mirrors, use a special tool for cleaning glasses and a soft fabric cloth. Wipe the surfaces with circular movements.

20. Vacuuming

Start vacuuming from the far corner of the room and move back to the exit.

Following these tips, you can clean the whole apartment in just 50 minutes. Of course, this is not a thorough cleaning, but your guests will definitely like what they see.

A short list of all rules

(12 min)

  • Removing everything you don’t need

  • Washing or hiding dirty dishes

  • Cleaning the kitchen surfaces

  • Wiping kitchen appliances

  • Sweeping the kitchen and washing the floor

  • Removing tough stains in the kitchen

(10 min)

  • Removing unnecessary things in the bedroom

  • Making a bed

  • Wiping everything in the bedroom

  • Vacuuming and washing the floor in the bedroom

Bathroom and Toilet
(9 min)

  • Applying a bathroom cleaner

  • Wiping a shower stall/ bath

  • Cleaning a bathroom mirror

  • Cleaning a sink

  • Cleaning a toilet bowl

  • Washing the floor in the bathroom and toilet

Living room
(15 min)

  • Collecting all things in the living room

  • Wiping the dust in the living room

  • Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces

  • Vacuuming and washing the floor in the living room

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