Roomba 635 vs 690 Reviews, Differences, & a Comparison Chart

The introduction of robotic vacuum cleaners a couple of decades ago had literally set a revolution into action. It was an invention that had begun a trend that was destined to alter the way ordinary people would clean their houses. So far, the iRobot has successfully been able to influence the vacuum cleaning industry, thanks to its highly innovative, supportive, and creative invention. We are going to discuss the Roomba 635 vs 690.

Ever since the first Roomba robot was introduced, technology has made considerable signs of progress. The features that our modern-day robot provides you with were literally unimaginable a few years ago. No one, for example, could have visualized two decades ago that we’d have robots vacuum cleaners that would be able to self-charge and then resume cleaning until they were done.

That’s exactly what we are about to look at in this blog. This write up discusses two of the best robots manufactured by iRobot. They are both parts of the Roomba 600 series. This line of iRobot vacuum cleaners is capable of saving you hundreds of hours with the push of a single button.

Comparison Chart of Roomba 635 vs 690

FeaturesRoomba 635Roomba 690
Dimensions13.4” x 3.6”13” x 3.7”
Self-Charging SystemXX
Advanced SchedulingX
Auto-Recharge FacilityAeroVac TechnologyAeroVac Technology
Wireless ConnectivityX
Smartphone AppX

Users ought to know that both robots happen to have similarities with regard to their basic structure. For instance, both the Roomba 635 and the 690 make use of quality cutting-edge technology for navigation purposes. They are equipped with the same type of technology, which facilitates them in moving around the property to ensure proper cleaning. Also, they both have a self-charge feature. This allows them to return to the charging station when their battery runs low during the cleaning, and then resume the cleaning after they have charged themselves completely. These are some of the common features available with both the Roomba 635 and the Roomba 690.

However, they are not entirely the same. Despite the fact that both robots belong to the same series, there still are certain differences in features between them. It is critical for one to be aware of when and where the two models differ from each other.

Let’s begin our review of both devices from the cleaning technology they are equipped with.

Cleaning Technology

When it comes to cleaning technology, both the Roomba 635 and the Roomba 690 are the same EXCEPT for one key difference. But before that, let’s have an understanding of this technology they have been equipped with.

These devices belonging to the Roomba 600 series offer similar functionality on the ground. Nonetheless, this doesn’t reduce the importance of having an understanding of those design elements, which would make these robots function.

The Roomba 635 and the Roomba 690 both contain what is called the “3-stage cleaning” system. The significance of this system lies in the fact that it brings into use multiple mechanisms that ensure that each particle of the dust is adequately taken off the floor, and space is fully vacuumed. There are dual multi-surface brushes that enable these machines to do proper cleaning of your hard floors by digging into the pile of the carpet.

These robots have a strong suction power that sucks all debris and dust particles the soon they are loosened by the brush. Moreover, there’s a spinning edge-sweeping brush that can comfortably access hard-to-reach spaces, ensuring thorough cleaning of the property. This one feature should be enough to convince one of the importance of having one of these robotic vacuum cleaners into their homes.

While the above-mentioned features are common with both 635 and the 690, there is one important point of difference between them.

The Roomba 690 has what is called the ‘Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier” feature. This barrier is a small-sized handy device that can be placed at the entrance to the adjacent room or space that you don’t want the Roomba to enter and clean. This small device basically creates a virtual barrier visible only to the Roomba, preventing it from entering the area you have restricted. This is just one key difference between the two robots in terms of their cleaning efficiency.

If you ask our verdict here with regards to cleaning, we would be forced to side with the Roomba 690 because of the added feature of the virtual wall barrier. Even though you can also buy this for your 635 yet, it is still great convenience with the 690 as it already comes packaged with this amazing virtual barrier.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

Roomba 690

This gives you excellent connectivity with the Wi-Fi networks. Because of this feature, you can easily enjoy unfettered access to what is called the iRobot Home application. This app lets you handle your device remotely, even when you are away from home. Using a Wi-Fi-connected app lets you do things like receive updates, schedule cleaning, and keep an eye on the vacuum from any location. All can be done simply from your smartphone.

Moreover, as soon as you connect this machine with a network, it comfortably interacts with other smart-home features such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. When the Roomba 690 is connected to the features of a smart home, you can also easily control him with a voice command.

Roomba 635

Unlike the 690, this Roomba vacuum cleaner doesn’t support logging into a network. However, that doesn’t mean it lacks the ability to provide you with great cleaning results. Just because the Roomba 635 has no connectivity with a Wi-Fi network bears no impact on its usefulness as against its competitor. However, you will need to reactivate the Roomba manually whenever you need to do its job. This feature may be attractive for customers who have no particular liking for apps and smart-home systems, but it certainly has its restrictions.

In our opinion, the Roomba 690 clearly takes the lead. The fact that you can connect it to the Wi-Fi network provides you with more control and greater access to a range of features as compared to the Roomba 635.

The users of the smart-home technology are always desirous of ensuring that their vacuum cleaner is able to interface with the smart systems of their home. That’s where the Roomba 690 steals a clear march over the 635!

Scheduling Feature

Roomba 690

As mentioned above, this device may be controlled using a smartphone app called iHome. Using this application, you can issue instructions to this Roomba as to when the cleaning of the home has to start. Moreover, users can always schedule cleaning with the smartphone application even if you are away from home! As long as you and the robot have access to the internet, controlling the Roomba 690 should be no problem!

Roomba 635

Compared to the Roomba 690, it is not possible to schedule the 635. This means that whenever you need to clean the floors using the vacuum, you will be relying on the onboard controls to activate the machine.

Nonetheless, the robot will still provide you great utility even if it doesn’t have this feature. So, if you are in the home and need cleaning, the Roomba 635 is your friend!

Let’s now review each robot separately and assess its features and qualities in detail.

Review: Roomba 690

There is hardly any feeling better than that of coming home to a tidy and well-kept house. Even if the floors are the only part that is cleaned, half of your cleaning load is taken off. That is where the Roomba 690 comes to your aid.

This is a device that is a cost-effective robotic vacuum cleaner that provides you the facility of being able to clean your home while you are away. In addition to this, the Roomba 690 blesses a user with several other great features that are worthy of a detailed mention.

That’s what we plan on doing in the following lines.

1-  Design

The Roomba 690 comes with a circular design and weighs 7.8-pound. The machine measures 13” in diameter coupled with plastic bumpers around its edge.

The center of the machine contains three buttons, namely, clean, spot, and home. The clean button basically works as another power button. The spot option is what you need if you are looking to do a thorough spot cleaning and when the robot has done its task, you might want to press the home button to send it back to its home base! This is the simple yet effective design of the Roomba 690.

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2-  Height

The height of the Roomba 690 is 3.7-inches, and this definitely proves to be an important advantage for the users. With this much height, the Roomba is perfectly capable of providing cleaning to areas that are not easily accessible. You can, for example, use the Roomba under the kitchen cabinets, sofas, and chairs. The device can also efficiently suck all the dirt and dust particles that cannot be cleaned using a regular vacuum cleaner. That’s an important feature of the Roomba 690

3-  Easy to Set-up

One of the many important reasons you should get this Roomba for remains its ability to be set up without any difficulty. You only need a very limited space to install the cleaner, and you can get it ready quickly.

As per the manual, the base of the Roomba 690 should be ideally based in a location where there is at least a distance of 1.5-feet on the three sides, and for the front, space should be at least 4 feet. Compared to the shark Ion, this is a much smaller area.

Even though the cleaning gets activated as soon as you press the big “Clean” button on the front of the device, the real action comes when you start using the iRobot app! There are clear and easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through the process of connecting the Roomba 690 to the Wi-Fi network of your home. A female voice coming from within the Roomba lets you know when it is connected to the network.

On the home screen of the application, you can see the cleaning status and the battery level, and there are options that you can explore to learn about the history and performance job! Depending on your personal convenience, users are allowed to set the Roomba on cleaning once a day or a weekly schedule.

4-  Excellent Cleaning Capability

The “Clean” is the finest and only power option the Roomba 690 has. If you set the machine for cleaning on the first floor, you should brace yourself for great results. The vacuum cleaner is fully capable of identifying and adjusting itself through different types of floor surfaces, doormats, carpets, and area rugs. It consistently makes way through the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and the living room.

As each part has a different floor type, you will be surprised to see the intelligence with which the Roomba 690 moves through these areas.

Generally speaking, the Roomba 690 has countless amazing features and offers. You need to try it to trust it!

Review: Roomba 635

Now that we have had sufficient discussion on the features of the Roomba 690 let’s turn our attention to the other device: the Roomba 635!

The Roomba 635 is a perfect choice for those who have no wireless communications, and their devices are not compatible with the applications. If this is the case, then you don’t need to spend money on more expensive devices that are connectable with the wireless networks and can be managed through smartphone applications.

This machine is an excellent choice for those who lack access to mobile phones and don’t need to rely on smartphone applications to run the cleaning chores in their homes. The Roomba 635 is slowly dying out of fashion, but there are some good reasons as to why you should get one for yourself.

1-  Battery

The Roomba 635 has a battery made out of Nickle-Metal Hydride (NiMH). This is the type of battery that is far less advanced than the lithium-ion batteries installed in newer Roomba devices. While it is true that some models from the 600 series were manufactured with Li-Ion batteries, the 635 was not among them.

If there are a lot of rooms to be cleaned, the device’s battery may dry up. When that happens, the Roomba 635 goes to the charging station, charges itself, and returns to the cleaning until everything is carefully done.

2-  Filters

The airflow and filtration system of the Roomba 635 is called “AeroVac”, and it is the oldest filtration system in the Roomba devices. This system enables the device to suck and filter out the particles of dust and grime into it.

The purpose with which these filters have been designed is to ensure that the motor remains neat and clean from the dust buildup. However, the filtration system of this device is not as good as the HEPA certified filters.

3-  Quality Sensors

The device has been equipped with great quality sensors. These powerful detectors allow the Roomba 635 to move across your home for cleaning purposes. The device does not have any laser-backed sensors or cameras that are snapping photos of the surroundings as it moves about. As a matter of fact, you will see that there are acoustic and infrared sensors that will make sure that the robot stays in line on the ground so that all your floors are effectively cleaned.

Which is Better? Roomba 635 vs 690

Having had a bird’s eye view over the features and qualities that the Roombas 635 and the 690 have to offer to the user, one should be easily able to make a decision.

However, you can make the decision easier by ascertaining what your needs are. A lot of consumers are still in doubt regarding their personal preferences and needs.

Despite the fact that the Roomba 690 is slightly advanced, if you don’t have a smartphone reliance or wireless network connectivity, then the Roomba 635 would most certainly be the best choice for you.