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7 Best Baby Shower Games, Ideas, Decorations, and Favors

Are you planning a baby shower? If yes, heads up because prepping for the big day can be a huge struggle. Every activity requires some attention and effort. But, why worry when we’re here with some amazing ideas for you. Shortlisting the best baby shower games and decoration ideas will surely make your baby shower a memorable day, and you can relax knowing that the planning won’t take forever.

Aside from all the amazing food and decorations, these easy-to-play games keep your guests entertained. We’ve selected some of these games to save you time and give you a heads-up about what to expect from them. Below is a list of some exciting baby shower games, ideas, decorations, and favors to check out for your baby shower.  

1.     Baby Shower Scratch-off Game – Best Baby Shower Game

If you’re searching for a game that doesn’t require much energy to play and gives a good laugh, “Did Baby Poopie?” is the way to go. This scratch-off game is designed to add some fun and giggles to your baby shower, where all the mamas will try to find the poop emoji. This game comes with 30 scratch cards, 28 losing tickets, and 2 winning tickets. You can either paste these stickers somewhere discreet or hand them out to the guests for a quick scratch-off session; whoever gets the emoji, reward her/him with something, and keep the festivities going.

What’s Included?

✔       30 scratch-off cards

2.     Reusable Mimosa Bar Supplies Decoration Kit – Best Baby Shower Bar Decor

About to pop the balloon? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! This adorable mimosa bar supplies kit will decorate your venue just the way you want. These delicate supplies add a touch of elegance and class to your décor, ensuring your baby shower looks anything but mediocre. The gold and floral themed bar supplies will uplift your drink corner’s aura and give your guests a happy place to mingle. The elegant gold and floral theme is best for gender-neutral parties or those celebrating a little girl. Stop worrying about your baby shower décor because this bar kit has it all!

What’s Included?

✔       50 paper straws

✔       25 juice tags

✔       1 pop fizz clink sign

✔       1 but first mimosas sign

✔       Threading needle

✔       Golden strings

✔       12 topping tents

✔       Mimosa bar sign

3.     Conversation Starter Napkins – Best Baby Shower Icebreaker Game 

Have you ever been to a socially awkward gathering where the guests couldn’t bond well? If yes, make sure your baby shower doesn’t turn out to be the same. When you have many guests over, entertaining them is your responsibility, and these conversation starter napkins are here to the rescue. You can place these convokins on the dinner table, dessert corner, or the bar counter and help your guests break the ice. From silly questions to thought-provoking ones, these napkins have it all. Bring this bundle over and give your guests a chance to bond with new people without feeling awkward. Save your guests from those awkward silence moments and help them bond while discussing these silly/serious questions! 

What’s Included?

✔      50 disposable napkins with gold-printed questions/quotes 

4.     Waited 9 Months For This – Funny New Mom Pint Glass – Best Funny Baby Shower Gift

Planning to gift something unique to the new mommy? How about this funky beer glass? Whether you’re visiting your friend’s baby shower or need a gift for your beer-lover wife, this high-quality glass makes a perfect present. This glass is etched to ensure the words don’t lose their shine, and the receiver can cherish this gift forever. Take along this funny gift and remind the mommy-to-be that her life will be back to normal soon. Also, this heavy-bottom pint glass is good for daily use, offering full value for the money. Pack it in a nice box and add some funk to the baby shower you’re going to attend!

What’s Included?

✔      A hand-etched pint beer glass  

5.     Print-at-Home Gift Card from – Best Practical Baby Shower Gift

If you’re out of ideas or want your friend/loved one to buy something of their choice, an Amazon gift card is a safe choice. Whether you’re attending a baby shower or have prior plans on that date on that date, this gift card will surely mark your presence. You can either go with the standard “showering you with love” design or get your photo printed to customize your gift a bit. A perk of gifting an Amazon gift card is that you won’t have to go out of your budget while buying a present; just add an amount as per your preference. 

What’s Included?

✔      An Amazon gift card (amount of your choosing)

6.     Baby Shower Balloon Decorations – Best Baby Shower Decoration

No event is complete without some balloons, especially when it’s about kids. These fabulous baby shower decorations are here to make an incredible centerpiece in your venue, freeing you from the décor hassle altogether. The durable balloon boxes and easy-to-stick letters offer a quick décor solution for busy moms and dads. If you’re celebrating a baby shower at home, these balloons will add a spark to your place for sure. The step-by-step assembly guide will save you time and help you prep a beautiful baby shower centerpiece. 

What’s Included?

✔      32pcs balloons 

✔      4 transparent balloon boxes

✔      4 sets of “baby” letters 

7.     Beer Belly or Pregnant Baby Bump Game Cards

Entertaining your guests and spreading some giggles isn’t difficult when you have the right games for it. These game cards are a really interesting game designed to engage your guests. The game includes 30 cards, each with belly images on them; the player has to guess whether it’s a pregnant belly or just that abdominal fat we all hate from drinking too much beer. Upon guessing, the player will mark his answer and wait for the results. Once everyone is done playing, the host (or any one of the guests) will reveal answers and declare the winner. This is a great baby shower game because everyone can participate in it and impart some laughs. 

What’s Included?

✔      30 beer belly/baby bump cards

✔      An answer key