how much to tip carpet cleaners

How Much To Tip Carpet Cleaners?

how much to tip carpet cleaners

How much to tip your carpet cleaner sounds like a simple question, but it’ll get a variety of responses—from $0 to $100+. Tipping is a common custom and courtesy in the United States, however, the expectations for tipping vary throughout other countries in the world. The expectation and standards for tipping vary for different services and industries as well. Most people have memorized the tipping standards for services such as dining service, food delivery, and bartending, but have you ever wondered how much to tip carpet cleaners?

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Carpet cleaning is a very physically demanding and time-consuming job. In fact, carpet cleaners work some of the longest hours out of anyone in the service industry. Although carpet cleaners work hard, they, unlike those in other service industry positions, do not depend on tips to make up their salaries. This makes knowing whether or not to tip your carpet cleaners, and how much, a common question among those using the service for the first time. Let’s take a look at the carpet cleaning industry and learn more about the common practices for tipping carpet cleaning professionals.

How Much to Tip Carpet Cleaners Depends on Overall Cost of Carpet Cleaning

For many people, the cost of carpet cleaning is important to know when trying to figure out how much to tip carpet cleaners. If you are considering having the carpet in your home or office professionally cleaned, you may arrive at this question when trying to budget for the overall expected costs. The national average cost of carpet cleaning is $176. This figure can vary based on your location, the size of the area to be cleaned, and the existence of any hard to treat stains on the surface of your carpet. Also, this can vary based on the type of carpet cleaning treatment that you select.

Carpet cleaners have two ways of charging for their services. They may charge a per room rate or a rate based on square footage. With a per room rate, you are charged a flat rate for each room cleaned regardless of its square footage. This is beneficial for those who are using this service for a home or office space with many rooms of varying sizes. One of the downsides of this type of rate is that there may not be a discount for exceptionally small rooms. Although, there might be an increase in the rate for exceptionally large rooms.

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Other carpet cleaning services charge by the square foot. This form of payment is more exact, but it has its downsides as well. Being charged by square footage means that your carpet cleaning service will take longer to complete. This is because your carpet cleaner will need to take measurements of your space in order to prepare an estimate. This may require your carpet cleaner to take multiple trips to your home or office space in order to complete the job. The good news is that if you plan to have your carpet cleaned regularly, then they will not have to measure the space repeatedly (assuming that you choose to have your carpet cleaned by the same company).

how much should I tip carpet cleaners

Other Carpet Cleaning Cost Factors

Aside from the method of charging for a carpet cleaning service, there are other factors that affect the overall cost. These factors include stain removal, which can sometimes carry extra charges, and the cleaning method that your carpet cleaner uses. These factors are also important to consider when deciding on a tip for your carpet cleaner. The extra effort required to remove a tough stain may inspire you to offer a tip to your carpet cleaner.


One of the biggest factors that can increase the cost of cleaning your carpet is a tough stain. If you have spilled difficult to clean beverages such as coffee or fruit juice onto your carpet, then you can expect to pay a higher rate to have it removed. A hard to remove stain may also warrant a higher tip due to the extra effort that will be required of your carpet cleaner. It is best to ask your carpet cleaner about any extra charges for stain removal when you receive your estimate for the service. This can help you to avoid the shock of extra charges.

Cleaning Method

Carpet cleaners can use cleaning chemicals and dry cleaning or steam cleaning to make your carpet clean, soft, and beautiful. The overall cost of carpet cleaning may vary based on the methods that are used. It can also vary based on the size and brand recognition of the carpet cleaning company.

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Steam cleaning is the most popular method of carpet cleaning. This method of carpet cleaning is performed by an electric or vehicle-mounted cleaner. Steam cleaning utilizes a scientific method called hot water extraction. This involves using high pressure to deposit cleaning chemicals and hot water into the carpet. This process effectively loosens debris, dirt, and light stains making them easy to extract from the fibers of your carpet using suction. Steam cleaning is a must for anyone who wants to maintain the warranty on their carpet.

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Dry carpet cleaning, or low moisture carpet cleaning, involves using cleaning chemicals and a limited amount of water to clean carpet quickly and easily. It is best for carpet that does not have major stains or a lot of dirt and debris because it doesn’t loosen dirt as completely as steam cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning uses a sprayer, rotary machine, and/or a brush to loosen and vacuum dirt and debris. It greatly improves your carpet’s appearance and keeps the carpet looking nice for a longer time period than steam cleaning. Dry cleaning is a great option for regular maintenance.

how much to tip my carpet cleaners

How much do carpet cleaners make?

A reason for tipping people in certain positions, specifically restaurant service, is to make up for low hourly wages. In other industries, tipping is simply a common courtesy for a job well done. Due to this standard of tipping, many people who are using carpet cleaning services are curious about the hourly wages of carpet cleaners.

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On average, most carpet cleaners make $11 – $18 per hour. Because of the relatively high wages that carpet cleaners earn in comparison to other service jobs, they are not necessarily dependent on tips for their livelihood. The best carpet cleaning companies pay a fair hourly wage, and some even offer commissions of 10% or more to their carpet cleaners. This allows carpet cleaners to provide above and beyond service without the expectation of a tip.

Should I Tip My Carpet Cleaner?

Although tipping is not required or expected for carpet cleaning service providers, it can be a nice gesture for a carpet cleaning professional who works hard and provides excellent customer service. A carpet cleaner will not automatically expect a tip. Although, it is a great gesture of appreciation for carpet cleaners who provide excellent customer service.

Tipping is not an ordinary or expected standard when it comes to professionals who come to perform work in your home. However, it is always best to show appreciation to hardworking individuals by being courteous and welcoming them as a guest. It is never a bad idea to offer a home or office service professional a cold drink or a cup of coffee as they provide their services.

Most carpet cleaners do not expect to earn a monetary tip, so choosing to offer one is entirely up to you. Carpet cleaners are not dependent on tips to cover their salary, and they understand that most people do not think to offer one.

How Much to Tip Your Carpet Cleaner?

Most carpet cleaners do not expect tips. But, if you choose to tip your carpet cleaner, then how much is entirely up to you and is based upon the quality of the job and your available budget. A good tipping rate for exceptional carpet cleaning services is 20%. Carpet cleaners that do receive tips do not have a specific expectation for the amount and it varies greatly on a per customer basis. In most cases, the tip received depends entirely on how much cash the customer happens to have on hand.

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If you plan to use carpet cleaning services regularly, then tipping is a great way to establish a relationship with your carpet cleaner. A carpet cleaner who knows that they are appreciated for their services may even go the extra mile when cleaning your carpet in the future. However, there are many ways to show your appreciation for great carpet cleaning service other than money.

If you decide to offer a tip to your carpet cleaner or any other home or office service professional such as a housekeeper, janitor, electrician, or plumber, then be sure to offer it graciously. It is never a good idea to shove extra bills at them in a way that may come across as rude or pretentious. Many home service professionals appreciate tips being given in the form of offering cash to cover their lunch to show gratitude for a job well done. They also appreciate words of gratitude, great reviews for their services and their company, and referrals to more customers who could use their services.