Roomba 621 vs 761

Roomba 621 vs 761 Reviews, Differences, and a Comparison Chart

Many consumers find themselves confused when they are supposed to make a choice. This review of the iRobot Roomba 621 vs 761 will help them in making an informed and accurate decision that will serve their interests in the best possible way. In this blog, we will be making a comparison between Roomba 621 and Roomba 761 and will try to assess each robot for its compatibilities, advantages, and disadvantages.

For the customers who are looking for some guidance so that they could invest their money in the right product, this blog will be of much help. First, we’ll begin with a generalized comparison between the two devices. Here’s a brief chart-based comparison:

Comparison Chart Between Roomba 621 vs Roomba 761

FeaturesiRobot ROOMBA 621iRobot ROOMBA 761
Battery Lifespan1hr to 1.30 hour1.30hr Lifespan
HEPA FilterX
AeroVac SystemXX
3-Stage Cleaning SystemX

Looking at this chart, one could easily spot the points of difference and similarities between the two robots. It clearly gives you a brief yet reliable idea of the features of each.

Next, we’ll look at the differences between the Roomba 621 and 761 before going on to discuss each robot individually.

Key Differences Between Roomba 621 And Roomba 761

This section is about highlighting where Roomba 621 differs from Roomba 761. The knowledge of these differences is critically important for someone who needs to make a purchase decision. 

3-Stage Cleaning System

How well and to what extent a Roomba robot is capable of cleaning the place has always remained a point of discord concerning all the products made by Roomba. Why this point is important is because, when a customer purchases a cleaning robot, their aim is to utilize the machine to its best extent.  And we all want a vacuum that works!

Being an older model, the Roomba 621 model has a lower suction power than Roomba 761, which is more recent and technologically advanced. 

Navigation Feature

Almost every device made by iRobot comes with an iAdapt navigation system. This feature lies at the heart of all the devices made by iRobot. This system is very beneficial because it ensures that the robots are able to navigate properly in a room. This helps the device in conducting the cleaning operations with greater efficiency. However, it should be borne in mind that differences still exist between the two robots as to the usability and applicability of this feature.

The Roomba 761, being a newer model, has a better visual localization, which ensures and promises better navigation features.

Duration Of Battery Life

In comparison with the previous models of the 6th generation robots, the Roomba 621 can offer better performance in terms of battery life. However, it is still not as good as the Roomba 761. 

The Roomba 721 is equipped with a battery that is strong, can last long, and can function for over 120 minutes on a single charge. The Roomba 621, on the other hand, has a shorter battery life. It is capable of running for up to 90 minutes at best.

The Design

It is natural for users to want to have a good-looking robot. In addition to performance, the good appearance of a robot is always a plus point. One cannot blame the individual for their desire to want to aim for a cleaning product that comes off as elegant-looking and attractive other than its ability to blend into the furniture of the surroundings.

For interested customers, it should be a matter of great satisfaction that both Roomba 761 and 621 have an elegant and attractive design. Despite the fact that the two are different, they both have designs that are unique and attractive in their own right. The décor of your room will improve to a great degree when you have either of these workings in the area.


Both Roomba 621 and 761 come with their unique accessories. However, it is worth noting that there is a common accessory between them called ‘Extra Virtual Walls’ which accompanies each device as you buy them.

The above were the few points where both devices differed from each other. We’ll now be looking at each device in detail, separately. This will enable a buyer to get a better insight and eventually make a more informed decision.

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Review Of The Roomba 621

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Other than us, there are lots of customers who have fallen in love with the Roomba 621. The device does such a great job at cleaning your space that you literally get addicted to waking up to a tidy and neat house every morning. Moreover, with Roomba 621, there will be no need for you to revert to the old ways involving pushing a weighty vacuum cleaning device around your house.

If you are still unsure about this device, then perhaps you may want to have a look at those hundreds of awesome reviews that happy customers have left online on numerous websites. Here is a brief review of the benefits provided by Roomba 621:

Edge Cleaning

Those who do the cleaning regularly will agree that cleaning the edges of a room is the toughest and most challenging aspect of the job. With a traditional vacuum cleaner, one cannot clean the edges without putting either the device or the property’s safety at risk. That’s where Roomba 621 will come to your aid.

This device is capable of going over the floor multiple times, which ensures that each surface of the building gets cleaned for more than once, resulting in a cleaner and safer environment. The Roomba 621 will provide effective cleaning of the edges of the carpet and will keep its work going up to the skirting boards. There are side brushes that are capable of pulling the dirt away so that it gets sucked up without any difficulty.

Compatible With Pets

Do you own pets? If you do, then you can agree that pets running around leave behind some immensely stubborn dirt and dust marks that are not simple to remove. There are many cleaning problems that can arise with pets in the house.

One of the most important issues, for example, is to ensure the prevention of buildup of pet hair in the carpet. If you keep using the Roomba 621 on a regular basis, you will be protect your rugs from pet hair without any challenge. The Roomba 621 is equipped with an advanced vacuum and brush technology. This feature has only been made better as AeroVac technology has been introduced in the 6 series. This technology ensures that all types of small fiber and pet hair are brushed up. As an owner of a dog or a cat, Roomba 621 will be a beneficial decision.

Better And Constant Cleaning

Most of us assume that we can do the cleaning on a regular basis. It’s time we ask how often we do this in reality. The truth is that we all tend to get busy with other things going on in our lives and we lose interest in cleaning the floor regularly. This means we only clean the space when it becomes absolutely necessary to do so. For example, we have some important guests coming over, so we have no choice but to get it cleaned.

With Roomba 621, however, you will be able to wake up to the clean floors every morning. The best part about this is that there will be no hard work required on your end. You will simply be able to give your home a cleaner and better looks and still have plenty of time left to do stuff you like. As a self-sufficient device, the Roomba 621 doesn’t really require you to put in any extra work.

Type Of Floor It Is Compatible With

Whether you have carpet, tiles, linoleum, or wood flooring, the Roomba 621 is compatible with working efficiently with all of these flooring types. Also, the device can perform fairly well on an average size room so that it remains tidy and clean.

iAdapt Mapping Technology

There are many unique benefits that this Roomba device blesses you with. iAdapt mapping technology is one of these numerous features. It is certainly an impressive aspect of Roomba robots.

There are infrared scanners installed inside the robot, which give it the information that the device uses with other data, allowing it to map the room and then figure out the most efficient and reliable method of doing the cleaning. The device is capable of scanning an area for up to 60 times per second! Thanks to the ever-optimizing software that ensures the best results.

Overall Performance Of Roomba 621

When it comes to assessing the general performance of Roomba 621, one cannot disagree with the fact that this device performs excellently. It is equipped with state of the art facilities that enable it to perform without making any mistakes.

It is lightweight and has the best features to ensure that the floor surface it is working on is fully cleaned. The Roomba 621 goes into every single corner of the building and cleans it in detail.

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Review Of The Roomba 761

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iRobot has acquired a considerable reputation for producing some of the most innovative and astounding self-cleaning vacuum cleaner robots. The brand has become so popular that the very term robot vacuum has become synonyms with iRobot

When you look at the facilities offered to you by Roomba 761, you can realize for yourself that why is this so. The Roomba 761 is truly one of the most elite devices manufactured by iRobot so far. Its immensely advanced and sophisticated features make it a worthwhile device that you must have in your home if you are serious about cleaning.

Let’s have a detailed overview of some of its features.

Appearance And Functionality

The appearance and outlook of a robot is an important consideration. There is no doubt that the cleaning capabilities of a device are more important, but having a good-looking robot does no harm. Does it?

If you agree with us here, then the Roomba 761 would be a good choice. This iRobot vacuum cleaner looks like a circular disk that has a diameter of up to 13.9-inches. The weight of the device is 8.6 pounds which is more or less equal to about 4 kilograms. The home of Roomba 761 is the United States and the manufacturers have paid keen attention to the design and functionality of this vacuum cleaner.

When it comes to functionality, the device offers great facilities. It has, for example, proximity sensors that enable in scanning the room accurately as the device cleans the area. The Roomba 761 is an intelligent device. As it senses the wall, it will slow down. This means that you are liberated from the worries of this cleaner crashing right into the walls and damaging itself. While it is capable of avoiding walls, there is still a possibility that it can run into a barrier. However, there is still a lesser chance of it suffering damage. That’s because the Roomba 761 has been equipped with a rubber protective bumper, which ensures its security in the event the devices clashes with an obstacle.

Cleaning Capabilities Of Roomba 761

There is a reason a user buys this vacuum cleaner. The purpose is to ensure that the home is cleaned and there are no signs of dust or dirt anywhere. When it comes to serving this purpose, the Roomba 761 is truly a great robot to be had. The device boasts of numerous excellent cleaning capabilities.

Let’s have a look at them at length.

The Roomba 761 is equipped with the latest 3-stage cleaning capability. This means that the device does the cleaning in 3 stages. First, it picks up the dust and dirt particles from the floor. Then it uses a powerful brush to ensure that all stubborn hair is removed. The third stage involves using an immensely powerful suction so that any remaining dirt fragments are also done away with.

With such strong capabilities, one is sure to get the best cleaning there possible with this amazing Roomba 761 vacuum cleaner.


As if the powerful and highly-efficient cleaning potential of the Roomba 761 was not enough, the device further amazing cleaning potential to unleash.

The Roomba 761’s HEPA filters are a thing! These filters contribute to enhancing the cleaning energies of this device. With the help of these filters, the Roomba 761 is able to detect and pick up even the smallest particles of dirt and grime.

Moreover, it is powered with an immensely efficient Lithium-ion battery. This battery is very long-lasting and you can use it for over 2 hours on a single charge. In other words, the Roomba 761 has all the features you’d like to see in an ideal vacuum cleaner.


The best things about this Roomba device are not over yet. There’s more to know. For example, the control features of this device are truly great in their own way.

As for the control, the Roomba 761 is a remote-controlled device. You can control it using a remote that comes with it. The cleaner has two virtual walls installed into it. These walls will ensure that the device only remains in the areas where you want it to.

The scanners of the virtual walls prevent the device from going into undesirable areas. This means that as a user, you have complete control over the device from all aspects. You can manage its control with a remote and you can set which areas are to be cleaned and which ones are supposed to be prevented.

Within the circular disk, you can see a ‘clean’ button. This button has a color code that signals the charging level. The green color indicates that the Roomba is fully charged, whereas the orange color is a sign that it still needs to be charged.

Final Word

A careful examination is not necessary to conclude which of the two robots is better. It is no surprise that a newer model is potentially better in comparison to the older versions. This holds true with the Roomba robots as much as with any other electronic device.

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In our opinion, the Roomba 761 emerges victorious. The advantages this device has over the 621 are numerous. As compared to the 621, the Roomba 761 is easier to use, more accurate, and has better battery life. It has an efficient yet quiet motor and the device is capable of providing an in-depth cleaning with no amount of dirt or hair left behind.

If you are comparing the Roomba 621 and 761 in order to make a decision, the suggestion would be for the latter!