How To Decorate With Houseplants

The Beauty of Decorating with Houseplants

Our home is our sanctuary. It’s an oasis where we can unwind and enjoy the moments of serenity and love.

The space we live in has to be visually-pleasing and in accordance with our style, needs, and desires.

But, many people think that creating this kind of a home is expensive and requires bringing famous interior designers such as Jeff Andrews and Jane Hallworth. Of course, if you can afford that, go with it. Nonetheless, that’s not an option for most people.

But, the option that we all have is related to our creativity, and desire to improve and personalize our home. Decorating with houseplants is just one of the ways to bring life into your living space. Not to mention the health benefits of indoor plants.

Read on to learn simple tricks on how to decorate your home with houseplants, as well as how to choose houseplants.

Know your possibilities

Before we move on indoor plant decoration ideas, let’s talk about choosing indoor plants for your home. When it comes to this, there are two questions to keep in mind:

  • Will my home be suitable for this plant?

There are many types of houseplants out there, each one requiring a different environment to thrive in.

For example, some plants need direct sunlight while others don’t. Then, some houseplants are low-maintenance and easy to take care of.  Then there are those that act like divas and are high-maintenance.

When choosing houseplants, you should first learn which ones will be suitable for your home. Read this article to learn more.

  • Will this plant be a nice addition to my home?

Of course, you should choose a plant you like but also the one that will match (or contrast) your home décor.

Try these simple ideas to turn your home into revitalizing and welcoming space

Possibilities are endless!

Decorating with houseplants can really be fun and inspiring, especially with these ideas. Read on for more.

More than houseplants

Idea of Decorating with Houseplants

While plants are great for decorating our homes, they can also be great for our meals. If you’re a passionate cook and want to do something good for your family, consider growing indoor plants.

That way, you’ll enjoy fresh veggies, fruits, and herbs all year round; not only in the season.

Mint, basil, parsley, lavender, rosemary, chives, tomatoes, carrots, kale, peppers, strawberry, avocado – just choose what you like most and start working on your indoor garden project. For that, you’ll need to take a few factors into account, such as space, grow lights, humidity, temperature, hydroponics, etc.

Small but significant

Decorating with small houseplants

If you have a home office, or just want to brighten up your library, a small plant will do the trick.

It will bring a positive energy to your working/studying space, without distracting you.

Quite the opposite, when you need inspiration or a break, just look at your plant for a while. You’ll certainly feel better and more creative.

The perfect plants for a working space are Lucky Bamboo, Marimo Moss ball, and begonia. Or if you love decorating your house according to Feng Shui, go with Jade plant (also known as “Money tree”).

Spice things up with hanging plants

Decorating with hanging plants

Every home should have at least one hanging plant. Add it your living room and impress your guests. Or you can add it to the kitchen for an astonishing touch.

There are many ways to hang plants indoors, and you’ll find a plenty of ideas on Pinterest.

Less is more

rubber tree indoor plant

What’s better than waking up in a room that has a fresh smell and looks?

Keeping a plant in your bedroom will have a positive influence on your mood and relaxation.

But, don’t overdo it, stick to 1-2 plants. Spider plant or Rubber tree is a good choice.

A colorful touch

Decorating with Houseplants: colorful flowers

If your room looks mundane because everything is in the same tone, despair not!

Simply add 2-4 plants with bright flowers and you’ll be amazed how they changed the home appearance!

If you’re the bold type, don’t be afraid to find flowers with colors that are in contrast to your home décor. That’s a great way to emphasize your style.

Keep it classy

So, you want to bring a positive change to your living and dining room, but aren’t sure how? Plus, you’re not the fan of a drastic change?

That’s okay. If you don’t like experimenting, you can simply stick to classic plants such as rubber tree, begonia, or philodendron. They will open up the room, but won’t be too much.

However, be careful not to turn these rooms into a jungle. Put 2-3 plants into each room, making sure that they bring diversity.

Lush corner of your home

Decor with house plants

You probably know at least one person who has a “jungle corner” in their home. Basically, this is the corner of a home where you grow all kinds of plants.

It looks lush, vivid, energetic, and of course, brings serenity to a home. You just can’t go wrong with this one!

Group the plants

Dividing your plants into groups of 3 – 6 plants is always a great idea. You can create a diverse mix by grouping both tall and short plants. Or you can opt for a wilder style with ferns.

Be creative!

Instead of using tedious plant containers/pots, why not decorate them on your own?

This will shed a brand new light on your plants and home!

Don’t stop growing

Sometimes we lose our creativity and inspiration. But, we can bring it back. Luckily the magazines and internet are full of crazy, elegant, modern, and simple DIY projects and ideas.

So, whenever you feel limited by your mind, don’t stop growing – just search for the answers.

Final Thoughts

Well our friends, we hope these ideas inspired you to bring (more) greenery into your home, whether to decorate it or start indoor gardening.

Even if you’re new to this green world, don’t be afraid of making a change.

Instead, open up to your plants and give them love. That’s a sure way to having happy and healthy plants as well as enjoying houseplants home décor!