9 Best Weighted Blankets in 2019 | Best For Your Home’s Top Rated Guide

What is a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have gained immense popularity over the years. It’s no wonder why they have created a buzz across the globe because they offer a plethora of benefits.

Weighted blankets ease insomnia, help with sensory processing disorder (SPD), reduce anxiety, serve as a stress-reliever, improve concentration for ADHD, comfort the symptoms of restless leg syndrome, help fibromyalgia pain, enhance sleep quality, boost mood, and promote calmness to name a few.

Most weighted blankets are made different materials. The most common components are plastic or glass beads, making them heavier and more comfortable. They are also fully loaded with polyester fiberfill, providing extreme softness and convenience.

Weighted blankets have also been a number one choice for people of all ages. Children and adults have been fond of using such a cozy accessory. So, the demand from the public is high. This leads to a large number of options and choosing the top-pick brand can be a headache.

Worry no more! In this article, we list the best-weighted blankets this 2019.

How We Compared and Reviewed our 9 Best Rated Weighted Blankets?

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9 Best Weighted Blankets in 2019

  1. Weighted Blanket Adult and for Kids, 15 lbs Heavy Blanket, Minky Cooling Comfort Blanket by Mibio

Stress is the common cause of a poor quality sleep. A below-par weighted blanket is no exception, and Mibio’s Cooling Comfort Blanket can change your sleep quality. Because of its premium quality material, it has become the number one secret for achieving better sleep. Not only can you fall asleep naturally, but it can also boost your energy in the morning to take on another day.

Mibio’s Cooling Comfort Blanket is a flexible option to have at home. Whether your day is stressful or exhausting, this serves as a stress-reliever and a perfect solution to relax.

It’s an ideal gift for all occasions. From birthdays, wedding to anniversaries, it’s good to go. More than that, Mibio Cooling Comfort Blanket is suitable for hot and cold sleepers.

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  1. TRU Blanket Weighted Blanket by TRU Lite Bedding

TRU Lite Bedding Weighted Blanket is full of style and luxury. It’s aesthetically pleasing and luxurious with functional performance. Made from cotton, TRU Weighted Blanket is also packed with 400 thread count weave, enhancing its softness and other cooling features.

What makes TRU Lite Bedding Weighted Blanket popular are its tiny glass beads. Unlike other materials, glass beads are non-toxic and smaller than plastic or poly pellets. They are odor-free and with no crunchy noises. This makes a comfy, heavy blanket that leads to a relaxing experience.

After a tiring day at the office, you need a quality sleep, and nothing can beat TRU Lite Bedding Weighted Blanket. Because of the extra pressure, it creates a sense of relaxation for people of all ages. It comes in a perfect size for anyone. Plus, you can use it on your lap or as a mattress.

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  1. GnO Weighted Blanket Adult | 25 Lbs | 80”x87” | Breathable 400TC Organic Cotton and Glass Beads | 100% Bamboo Cover

Made from the highest quality and the finest material, GnO Weighted Blanket is sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Fully loaded with cotton and other special components, GnO Weighted Blanketts won’t pill. It’s specially designed to keep you comfortable throughout the years. They have 400 thread count cotton, boosting their comfort level.

What many customers enjoy about GnO Weighted Blankets are its breathable fabrics and sustainable materials. Not only is it cozy, but it’s also eco-friendly.

Have you been enduring sleepless nights for a few days? Then, don’t leave it that way! A GnO Weighted Blanket can take charge, giving you a sweet dream. It’s machine-washable and does not require extensive maintenance.

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  1. Rocabi 30 lbs Adult Weighted Blanket & Two Cover Set

Another best-weighted blanket is this heavy weighted comfort from Rocabi. Developed with glass beads, Rocabi’s Weighted Blanket provides superb and even weight distribution. Its inner weighted quilt comes from 100 percent organic cotton. Its removable cover is also composed of 400 thread count cooling cotton.

Rocabi’s Weighted Blanket is researched and engineered for users’ specific needs. It’s suitable for individuals weighing 270 and 320 pounds. It also serves as an excellent hug simulator. Whether it’s winter or summer season, Rocabi’s Weighted Blanket is excellent all year long. It comes with a 1-year warranty. It’s very hygienic, odorless, and easy to use. Most importantly, it requires less maintenance, reducing efforts and saving some cash over time.

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  1. Moonstone Comfort Premium Weighted Blanket with Minky Dot Removable Cover, Purple

Sleep plays a vital role in achieving a productive, fulfilling, and healthy lifestyle. But many adults have insomnia due to everyday stress. While most people take drugs, why not try a natural remedy? Moonstone Comfort Premium Weighted Blanket can be a safe and natural treatment of insomnia.

Filled with non-toxic glass beads and 100% cotton, Moonstone Comfort Premium Weighted Blanket has the excellent materials to help increase the quality of your sleep. It’s hypoallergenic and designed with polyester pockets. These keep the blanket’s perfect shape even after years of use.

What’s interesting about it is that it has a detachable cover design. Not only is it highly functional, but it’s also soft to the skin. As with other the best-weighted blankets, it’s easy to maintain, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

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  1. Baloo Weighted Blanket – 15 lbs (60×80 inches) – Fits Top of Queen Size Bed – Oeko-Tex Standard Chemical-Free Soft Cool Cotton in Pebble White Color

There are various lists of the best-weighted blanket. But only a few meet Oeko-Tex Standard. One of those is the Baloo Weighted Blanket. It comes with a quality, chemical free and breathable cotton for optimal safety and comfort.

Whether you have been on your computer for hours or have been walking all day long, a deep rest is what you need. Baloo Weighted Blanket can be the secret to enjoy better sleep. Aside from the extra softness, Baloo Weighted Blanket has a comfortable fit. It measures around 60×80 inches, perfect for you and your special someone.

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  1. 20lb Weighted Blanket + FREE Removable Minky Cover + FULL ZIPPER SYSTEM, Cozy & Cool Weighted Blanket For Adults & Kids

Serenity Engineered’s Weighted blanket prides itself on the most luxurious and quality fabric. It’s rich with 100% cotton, providing a soft texture. It’s stylish, complementing to your bedroom interior design. It’s pleasing to the eye, too.

Serenity Engineered’s Weighted blanket has a patent pending zipper system. This makes attaching or detaching the blanket easier. It’s user-friendly and comfortable as well.

The Serenity Engineered’s Weighted blanket comes with silky soft and removable cover. It’s machine-washable without complicated maintenance. Plus, it has an impressive weight filler material.  Not only is it odorless, but it’s also hypoallergenic.

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  1. Vintap Adult King Size Weighted Blanket for Couples – 25 lbs 80×87, Best for King Sized Bed

There’s a variety of gift ideas to choose from a wide selection. But finding the right one is hard. Why don’t you try a weighted blanket? It’s useful and available at a competitive rate.

Unfortunately, the searching process can be long, that’s why Vintap Weighted Blanket is here for you. It’s a perfect gift for your special someone, family members, and close friends. From birthdays, anniversaries to graduation, it’s suitable for any occasion.

Have you been struggling to sleep at night? Have you been unable to concentrate at the office? Whatever the case may be, Vintap Weighted Blanket will be your best shot and rest and relaxation. It’s soft, comforting, and ideal for the winter season.


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  1. Hart’s Weighted Blanket Deluxe Set | Patented ContourWave Weighted Blanket & Luxurious Microplush Removable Cover

Whether you’re searching for the ultra-deluxe set, advanced design, luxurious style or a gift for all occasions, Dr. Hart’s Weighted Blanket has them all. It’s highly engineered that cater to users’ unique requirements. Thanks to neurologist Dr. Hart. It’s equipped with a patented and unique design. It also consists of premium materials, making it stand out from the competition. Moreover, it’s suitable for different body types.


So, what are your thought? Whatever you pick, you’re pretty sure to have a lasting and meaningful investment. Also, don’t be tempted to add the cheapest brand to cart as it may not always be the best.


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