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11 Best Shower Heads For 2019 | Top Rated Shower Heads in 2019

Everyone needs to shower, and it can be frustrating to deal with a shower head that provides nothing but poor water pressure and lackluster performance. We know you can’t do much about that awful shower head at the hotel during a visit to your favorite city, but we can ensure that you know exactly which one you need for your own home. After diving into the best shower heads and which one we recommend, we’ll give you a little more of a detailed look at what makes a shower head great.

11 Best Shower Heads For 2019

1. 6 Function Adjustable Luxury Shower Head – High Pressure Boosting, Wall Mount, Bathroom Showerhead For Low Flow Showers by Aqua Elegante

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This product is a favorite because it boasts so many amazing benefits. It helps you achieve a more relaxing shower experience, as you are given the choice to pick one out of six awesome settings. You can pick any of the following settings: saturating power blast, pulsating massage, gentle rain, water saving, and 2 mixed modes and enjoy the relaxing shower experience of your choice.

This six function adjustable luxury shower head has a sturdy construction model which has been engineered with powerful and heavy ABS plastic. Its durable brass fitting doesn’t easily crack or leak, and it even comes with a

removable restrictor. This means that if you want increased water pressure, you can easily have it by taking out the low flow limiter to boost the pressure. Doing this gives you a glorious spa-like shower right in your own home.

This selection is also suitable for everyone’s needs and, because of its diversified settings, it is a perfect fit for the whole family. You can also pick the type of flow that suits you. Whether you are aiming for a spa-like treatment with a pulsating massage or you want to enjoy a saturating spray, this device has everything for you.

In addition to this, you want to make sure that your shower head stays clean. Most hard water shower heads accumulate calcium and magnesium deposits over time. However, with this advanced six function shower head, you don’t have to worry about this at all. You can easily clean off any kind of white build up, ensuring a smooth and safe flow of water.

If you are worried about the strength of this shower head, you can relax! We understand that a weak showerhead is worth nothing if it gets broken easily. Unlike other shower heads with cheap plastic joints that leak easily, this shower head comes with solid brass connector and ball joint to prevent breakage. This shower head is always put through a hectic five-stage quality assessment process before it gets approval from the manufacturer.

Spray Settings

  • As implied by the name, it has six types of in-built spray settings which can be adjusted for your needs.

Spray Patterns

It has the following spray patterns that can be used depending on the user’s preference:

  • Saturating power blast
  • Pulsating massage
  • Gentle rain
  • Water saving
  • 2 mixed modes

Flow Rate

  • This features a flow rate of 2.5 GPM (Gallon Per Minute).

2. Grohe 26457000 Euphoria 260 Shower Head

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This showerhead offers you distinctive showering style and versatility. This is a fantastic choice for a bathroom upgrade. It’s a smart control head shower that features three creative spray zones, and this is a great way to bring luxury to your bathroom. Jet spray is sharply focused and incredibly powerful, which is perfect for washing out shampoo and for a soothing head or neck massage.

This is the best spray you can get for an energizing and relaxing experience, and it makes use of every single nozzle on the spray plate to give you a comforting shower experience. To select the spray of your choice, all you need to do is simply turn the innovative smart control located in the center of the spray head. That’s it!

This shower head complements a wide range of bathroom styles, thanks to its slim profile packed with Grohe technology. With a 9.5 L/min flow restrictor, Grohe Eco Joy ensures users maximum showering satisfaction. Its advanced DreamSpray technology ensures that the flow of water from every nozzle is perfect, no matter which spray zone you select.

The shower head has a scratch resistant and dazzling chrome finish that maintains its sparkle for a long time. Its SpeedClean nozzles are designed to be easily cleaned of limescale with a simple wipe. Another great feature of this shower head is an easy installation. The tool comes with the inner guide that prevents the surface from getting too hot, ensuring the safety of both your skin and the chrome finish. From relaxation to invigoration, this shower head gives you everything you’ve been looking for.

Spray Settings

  • Coverage of maximum area to enhance user satisfaction.
  • It comes with GROHE DreamSpray technology that has three spray zones to increase customer benefit.

Spray Patterns

  • 10-inch spray-face ensuring maximum coverage.
  • Rain shower with a 10-inch diameter that meets the strictest of WaterSense performance standard.

Flow Rate

  • It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM which translates into 9.5 liters per minute.

3. Delta Faucet HydroRain 5-Spray Touch-Clean 2-in-1 Rain Shower Head

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This is fundamentally a two-in-one shower head, which allows bathers to use the ultra-wide, the pivoting rain shower head on its own, or combined with the fixed showerhead. This is quite a unique feature of the Delta hydrorain showerhead. This feature allows you to enjoy the classy experience of showering under an overheard, drenching rainfall coupled with the steady and highly powerful full body spray. Its intense streams of water will completely satisfy all your showering needs.

This shower head gives you seven unique showering options to enjoy. You can either enjoy the feel of rain directly from the raincan or you can combine it with the fixed shower head, featuring additional settings. These settings include full body spray, massaging spray, full-body spray with massage, shampoo rinsing, and pause. These unique options are sure to give you the best bathing experience.

The best benefit of the Delta Hydrorain dual showerhead is that it can be installed within minutes and no extra or special plumbing efforts are required. If you are aiming for a luxurious and spa-like shower experience, you can use the raincan either singularly or in combination with the showerhead.

Delta Hydrorain creates an amazing look when mixed with modern bathroom finishes and decor. This sits in perfection because of its innate stunning gloss and supreme versatility. If you pair it with crisp lines and bright whites, this showerhead will create a bold and modern contrast. However, it works equally well with other vintage and industrial styles conveying a subtle hint of nostalgia. Unlike other products that gather mineral build up in huge quantity, Delta’s rubber touch-clean spray comes with holes which allow any and all mineral residue to be cleaned with a  simple swipe, giving an instantly refreshed look without you having to soak the shower head or use other chemical cleaners!

Its pause setting allows you to shave, lather, and easily perform other showering tasks without wasting water, allowing you to resume the water with the same temperature you’d left off. You can also conserve water with the help of this spray setting, helping the environment. You can install this with confidence as all Delta shower faucets are supported by a lifetime limited warranty.

Spray Settings

  • Flexible spray settings.
  • It can either be used on its own or combined with other products to give you your preferred style.

Spray Pattern

There are seven unique showering spray patterns with this showerhead. Some of these include:

  • Full body spray
  • Massaging spray
  • Full body spray with massage
  • Shampoo rinsing spray
  • Pause

Flow Rate

  • It has a flow rate of 2 GPM.

4. 3 Inch High Pressure Shower Head – Best Pressure Boosting, Wall Mount, Bathroom Showerhead For Low Flow Showers by Aqua Elegante

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As implied by the name, a 3-inch pressure shower head is primarily a pressure shower. Its 42 nozzles blast out water at an incredibly high flow rate and with high pressure. If that’s what you need, look no further. This is the best high pressure shower head on the market.

This shower head also comes with a removable flow restrictor. It’s super easy to remove the flow limiters to allow for even higher pressure. There’s a complete guide that tells you how to do it. With this shower head, you can also achieve low flow in order to experience a more spa-like shower.

On this shower head, there are self-cleaning nozzles that prevent calcium build up and you can use them in your home, outdoors or wherever you’d like to place them. This frees you of any hard water problems and is a must if you know you have hard water.

One of the best benefits of this device is that it is simple to install. All it needs is a twist on! That’s it. You don’t need to hire a plumber for this. There are clear, concise, and step-by-step instructions to help you through the process. Furthermore, you can remove that old shower head and simply twist on your shower arm. The installation doesn’t take any longer than three minutes.

Once installation is finished, you are ready to get in the tub and turn the shower on. You’ll notice how much more water flows out of this shower head than your normal head. Your body can feel the water pressure! Breathe deeply and relax as the warm water washes over you.

What defines this shower head from the competition is that it focuses on user comfort and user preference. As people prefer more pressure and flow, unfortunately, the shower heads sold in the US must come with a restrictor to limit flow rates. Unlike this one, most manufacturers make their flow limiters difficult to remove.

Multiple features make this three-inch pressure shower head highly durable and strong. That’s why you get a guarantee for it unlike any other. It comes with a 5-year money back guarantee, so you can just contact the company if you’re having any issues.

Spray Setting

  • 42 nozzles allow water outburst with incredible water pressure

Spray Pattern

  • Pressure spray

Flow Rate

  • It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM

5. Hansgrohe 27495001 Raindance S 150 AIR 3-Jet Shower Head

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This shower head has been made based on a century of industry experience. It defines a major transformation in the world of technology. In this Hansgrohe overhead rain jet shower head, water jets gets mixed together, turning into a soft rain shower. It is also used for a powerful massage. If there is any limescale deposit on the shower head after awhile of use, you can easily remove it with the help of the QuickClean feature.

This shower head exhibits the latest and most advanced technological features. This allows for every single drop of water to infuse with air, ensuring users an invigorating high-performance shower. This shower was basically conceptualized in 1901. Hansgrohe remains strongly committed to building a powerful sense of tradition.

The best part about this showerhead is that it promises you a durable and long-lasting satisfaction. Additionally, it features the best in terms of quality, design and, of course, the performance. As Hansgrohe has produced a wide range of products, they likely have a great solution for you in this great shower head.

Spray Settings

  • It comes with a 6-inch spray face
  • AIR-injection technology
  • It exhibits QuickClean anti-limescale function giving users a perfect jet

Spray Patterns

  • Rain AIR
  • Balance AIR
  • Whirl AIR
  • 86 no-clog spray channels

Flow pattern

  • This showerhead features a 2.5 GPM flow rate.

6. Moen 26009 Engage Magnetix 2.5 GPM Handheld/Rain Shower Head 2-in-1 Combo

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This hand held shower head offers unique and careful features. All of these are outstanding virtues in their own right. With a Moen handheld showerhead, there comes a chrome finish which is highly reflective for a mirror-like look that works with any decorating style. Their magnificent versatility makes them one of the best shower heads available in the market today as it makes it easier for users to find one they love.

A unique feature of this type of shower head is it’s magnetic docking system. This shower head comes with a magnetic docking system which allows you to easily detach and use it as a handheld shower head. Another way to get benefit out of it is to dock it with a snap. This is quite an effortless way to replace the shower head and it’s super easy to do.

When it comes to the versatility of the Moen handheld shower head, the creativity is at its peak. One of its outstanding features is this showerhead’s ability to be customized. Depending on the needs, requirements, and preferences of the user, the showerhead may be personalized to ensure user satisfaction. The customization ability makes this device far more flexible and versatile.

This showerhead strictly complies with all requirements and tests established by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Moen handheld showerhead stands in complete and fullest compliance with relevant specifications imposed by the law. This is one more reason you can trust this device with confidence.

In addition, this showerhead is most certainly one that is built to last! Yes, it does last for life. It is made of the best type of material available and its strength empowers it to last a long time. You wouldn’t want to change, fix or replace showe rheads after every few weeks or months. Therefore, this shower head would be best to use for the long term. The best part about its features are that they are backed and supported Moen’s limited lifetime warranty. Nothing is better than this, and it protects you from an unforeseen issue that may arise.

Spray Settings

  • Comes with six shower head setting to pick from
  • Helps you create a spa-like environment

Spray Patterns

  • Six different settings including a home spa massage feature

Flow Rate

  • It comes with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM.

7. Massage Shower Head With Mist – High Pressure Boosting, Multi-Function, Massaging Rainfall Showerhead For Low Flow Showers & Adjustable Water Saving Nozzle by Aqua Elegante

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This new Aqua Elegante shower head is here to replace your old, outdated shower head.  It offers easy installation with no plumbers required at all. It only takes one minute to be placed on the shower arm and then you are ready to get into the shower and enjoy. You’ll clearly notice an increase in the flow of water. You can feel the pressure on your body, and all you need to do at this moment is to take a deep breath and relax while the warm water soothes your soul.

There are numerous other shower heads available on the market. So, how is Aqua Elegante’s shower head different from them? It’s pretty simple. This shower head puts focus on what people actually want. What’s that? More water pressure and flow from the shower head.

However, most manufacturers of shower heads in the US come with a flow restrictor that puts a limit on the water flow rate. These limiters are also, unfortunately, very difficult to remove. The Aqua Elegante shower head is sharply different from other shower heads in the sense that it is fairly easy to remove. That’s one of the many distinctive benefits of this showerhead.

To make it stronger and durable, the manufacturer uses a solid brass connection fitting which will not easily crack or split. The showerhead has jet nozzles made out of silicone rubber that ensure that no minerals are collected inside. The body of this powerful shower head has been made using a lightweight and intensely durable ABS plastic that only makes it better and stronger. The surface of the shower head is coated with an attractive metal finish which will promisingly match with your bathroom fixtures.

All these features combine to give you a warranty that you’ll get with no other shower head. This company is giving you an excessive opportunity to try their Aqua Elegante shower head for five years! Yes, you read that right. Five years it is. And if for any reason, you don’t like your new bathing experience, you’ll get all your payment back with no questions asked. Whether you use this shower head for one minute or for five years, it’s promised that you are protected.

Spray Settings

  • There are three unique settings: It gives you saturating rinse for a traditional shower, power massage to blast aching muscles, and gentle mist for the soothing, rainforest-like experience.

Spray Patterns

  • Traditional shower
  • Powerful massage
  • Gentle Mist

Flow Rate

  • With Aqua Elegante’s shower head, you get the flow rate of 2.5 GPM.

8. Grohe 28 897 000 Relexa Ultra 5 Spray Patterns Hand Shower

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Despite the fact that this shower head is relatively compact in size when compared to other, bigger shower heads available on the market, the Relexa Ultra 5-Spray Pattern hand shower should never be underrated just because of its smaller size. It has a spray face with only a 4-inch diameter. Advanced and contemporary, this latest design shower head comes packed with five different spray functions that make it easier for the bathers to adjust in order to relax, stimulate, and revitalize easily and whenever they want.

There are multiple modes for users to pick from. There’s, for example, a normal mode, jet mode, rain mode, and others. Each spray setting has its unique features and benefits that are to be listed below. This shower head comes with powerful and sophisticated shower engines in order to deliver accurate and consistent water distribution throughout any spray pattern for an unparalleled and amazing custom shower experience.

The hand shower is also available in a durable GROHE finish. This finish is fundamentally designed for scratch and tarnish-resistant surfaces to ensure a lifetime of beautiful chrome.

If you are concerned about its compatibility with your surface, don’t be. The GROHE StarLight comes with an effective finishing that offers strong resistance against stains, ensuring the beauty for a lifetime. The most advanced and state of the art technological features have been used in order to ensure precise and consistent delivery of water to the user. No matter what spray pattern you are on, you will receive equitable water distribution and have the best showering experience.

With this shower, don’t worry about any dust particles either. There’s an anti-lime system installed into the device by the manufacturer. This system allows you to remove all kinds of limescale with a simple wipe of a finger to help you keep the shower head clean.

Spray Settings

  • It comes with adjustable and easily removable spray settings
  • These settings are customizable depending on the user’s needs

Spray Patterns

It offers a huge variety of spray patterns.

  • Normal: This is an all-encompassing spray pattern.
  • Jet: This invigorates with a focused circular burst of water
  • Rain: This pattern gives full body coverage using a soft spray
  • Pulsating Massage and Champagne: That soothes with larger, air enriched droplets

Flow Rate

  • This shower head gives users a 2.5 GPM flow rate.

9. Delta Faucet 79999RB Hydrorain Two-in-One Shower Head

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Unlike other products, there’s no chance of any kind of mineral buildup with the Delta Hydrorain shower head. Sometimes, minerals build up in a fashion that can’t be seen unless it becomes unruly. This Delta shower head, however, comes with powerful spray holes that can easily eliminate and remove any mineral residue. The best part is that you don’t have to soak it or use any additional chemical cleaners for this purpose.

There is a pause setting that allows you to pause the water flow for a set time as you’d like. With the help of this functionality, you get ample space for other activities such as shaving and lathering. Once you are done, you can comfortably restart water with the same temperature you left it off with. This setting is very innovative because it makes it possible for you conserve water and the waste of water can be avoided. This also means you won’t need to worry about the ending of your hot water supply. Everyone hates that!

Delta WaterSense manufactured items such as faucets, showers, and toilets normally use 20 percent less water than the industry standard. This saves your money without having to compromise on the quality or performance.

Using the Delta hand shower, you can get a luxurious shower experience. Are you remodeling your space or are you are upgrading your current setup? Whatever it is, this delta shower head’s unique combinations promise you better flexibility and coverage in terms of style and design.

The list of benefits and features doesn’t end here. Some of you might be very cleanliness conscious. This shower head has got you covered. It has soft, rubber touch spray holes that make it comparatively easy to remove calcium and lime build-up from the face of your hand shower. All it takes is a touch of a finger and the product is clean.

Spray Settings

It gives you following spray setting options

  • Full body spray
  • Fully spray with massage
  • Massaging spray
  • Shampoo rinsing spray

Spray Patterns

  • There are multiple spray patterns with this product that can be adjusted depending upon the user’s needs.

Flow rate

  • Unlike other products, it gives you a water consumption flow rate of 2 GPM.

10.  Monaki Luxsego Ionic Shower Head with Replacement Hose and Holder, High Pressure & Water Saving Showerhead

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If you have been in search for something that could give you a luxurious spa experience, that shower head is now finally here. Normal tap water is usually impure and not worthy of drinking because of severe impurities found in it. These impurities leave a very deadly effect on your skin and may even lead to an imbalance in your oil glands. You can avoid these health issues with this Monaki shower head, that is here to ensure you get the best bathing experience without all of the extra chemicals and additives.

This shower head comes with useful and highly effective bioactive stones which will help you in the restoration of balance in your body. When you start using it, you will notice many health benefits such as smoother skin, reduction in oil secretion and an overall increase in your skin’s viability.

It is a unique and innovative shower head, as it has mineral stones and negative ion mineral stones that make up a double filter system. This protects you in the reduction of chlorine and from absorbing harmful substances in the air. Moreover, these stones help soften and purify the shower water in order to give you healthier, softer and smoother skin and hair.

This Monaki shower head is fairly easy to install and it doesn’t require any hard labor. Its size is standard for fitting with any size hose. You no longer need extra tools or a handyman to install the showerhead easily and freely.

Among other benefits you get from this is the preservation of the environment and ecology. Monaki shower heads helps you conserve water flow up to 30 percent and increases water flow speed by 200 percent, giving you the best showering experience.

This device has a standard and durable design with no leaks. It has a transparent and high-density filter which is relatively easy to disassemble and clean.

Spray Settings

  • Shower length of about 8.7 inches
  • Shower head diameter 3.15 inches

Spray Patterns

This product features three amazing spray patterns

  • Rainfall
  • Jetting
  • Massage

Flow Rate

  • It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM.

11. 6 Function Handheld Shower Head Kit – High Pressure, Removable Hand Held Showerhead With Hose & Mount And Adjustable Rainfall Spray by Aqua Elegante

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To begin with, this shower head offers a perfect setting for everyone as it comes with six unique and innovative spray settings.  These settings promise you the most perfect shower experience you are hoping to get. Out of these options, you can always pick a flow that gives you the feeling of strolling through a gentle rain. And if you need a comfortable spa-like experience, the pulsating massage option is here. For a quick rinse, you can always count on the saturating spray mode.

This modern and stylish, multiple function, handheld shower head eliminates all hard water problems. Hard water causes calcium buildup over time inside the showerhead. Since this product comes with specialized rubber nozzles, there’s no threat of mineral buildup in there. You can remove any mineral with a simple swipe of the finger.

It has an adjustable flow restrictor. Since the law in the US requires shower head manufacturers to meet federal flow restrictions, they make showerheads with such flow limiters that are quite hard to remove. However, this product has an easy to adjust flow restrictor that you can adjust as per your convenience.

This six function showerhead offers users easy, quick, and hassle-free installation. There is no difficulting in opening the case of this product, as it is sent to you in an easy to open, recyclable box. Each of these boxes contains step by step instructions to ensure that the installation process goes stress-free.

A unique and innovative comprehensive shower head kit is also prepared for user convenience. They have engineered this shower head with powerful and heavy ABS plastic. Consequently, this product is rustproof like stainless steel.

Spray Settings

It comes with the following settings

  • Saturating power blast
  • Pulsating Massage
  • Gentle Rain
  • Water Saving
  • Two Mixed Modes

Spray Patterns

  • The device has adjustable spray patterns that can be used depending on the user’s needs.

Flow Rate

  • It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM

Before we proceed to discuss showerheads and different types of showerheads in detail, it seems appropriate to answer certain basic questions often asked with regards to this subject. Of these questions, the most fundamental question is: what is a shower? And why has showering become such a popular method of bathing?

In the lines to follow, you are going to find answers to many of the basic questions related to the practice of showering and shower heads.

What is a Shower?

That’s the most basic question. There can be no shower heads without a shower! So, let’s first of all address this basic question.

Basically, a shower is a reference to a place where a person stands under a spray of water in order to take a bath. The drain for the removal of water is typically placed in the bottom of the shower, indoors. As technology advanced, it became possible to customize showers. A typical shower consists of temperature, spray pressure, and an adjustable showerhead nozzle. A simple shower has a swiveling nozzle that aims down on the user. The more complex showers, on the other hand, have a shower head which connects to a hose with a mounting bracket. This setting enables the user to hold the showerhead by their hand and spray water on their body. You can install a shower in multiple places, depending on your preference. For example, a small shower stall or bathtub are normally the places considered appropriate for a shower.

What is a Shower Head?

Fundamentally, a showerhead is a pierced nozzle which enables the distribution of water over the solid angle-a focal point of use that is just over the head of the bather. The benefit of a shower is that it uses far less water than what a full immersion in a tub would use. This is likely why showering has recently become a popular way of bathing.

You can even adjust certain shower heads to spray water in different patterns such as massage, gentle spray, strong spray, and many others. Shower heads are often susceptible to lime scale and other mineral deposits because hard water often flows through them. Hard water will result in magnesium and calcium deposits clogging your shower head, and this will reduce the flow of water and change the spray pattern. It can also contribute to less than clean hair!

There are now some great shower heads that come with rubber-like jets which can be descaled manually. They’re easy to wipe off and, if you need to clean off stubborn minerals, you can combine water and vinegar for an effective cleanser (and avoid all of the chemical-laden cleansers).

In order to regulate their set water usage standards, some governments of the world also tend to regulate shower heads. In the U.S, for example, residential and most commercial shower heads cannot flow more than 2.5 gallons per minute.

Lower flow shower heads normally use water with greater efficiency by aerating the water stream, which alters nozzles through modern flow principles. USEPA, a voluntary water saving program, normally certifies low-flow shower heads.

We hope that the above information has been interesting and useful for you. If you have a favorite shower head, let us know in the comments below!