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11 Best Burger Presses in 2019 | How to Use a Burger Press

If you love homemade burgers, then a Burger Press is the perfect tool to have in your kitchen. This kitchen tool has gained popularity over the last few years, and many companies are already producing stylish and functional brands.

In case you don’t know what a burger press is yet, here’s a little definition and how-to-use video:

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What is a Burger Press?

A burger press is a useful kitchen tool that is designed specifically to help in the process of making a burger. With it, you can make meat patties of consistent shape, size, and even weight. The primary purpose of owning one of these amazing kitchen tools is to be able to make homemade burgers that will be consumed by the family.

Despite its importance in the kitchen, choosing the right burger patty maker can be a problem, especially with so many below-par options available in the market. There’s the need to check out the specs of each, ensuring that it matches your need before settling for it. This process can be complicated and even confusing.

You don’t need to worry though, because, after extensive research, we’ve come up with a list of the best quality hamburger patty makers in today’s market. We also have a guide to help you quickly learn how to use your choice burger maker.

Without wasting time, here are the 11 best burger presses of 2019:

1. Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Presses and Recipe eBook

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One look at the name of this device and you will know for sure that it boasts quality. The Grillaholics stuffed burger presser doesn’t just exude quality, but it is also designed in style to stand out from its competition.

It is a beautiful accessory to own if you are tired of hand patting your burgers or want to jazz it up by stuffing some delicious cheese, bacon, pepper, or mac n’ cheese into your burgers (yes, that’s a thing!) Grab one of these if you are looking to make delicious, perfectly sized burgers as well. This burger press makes it easy, as it’s super simple to use.

Apart from performance, the Grillaholics stuffed burger presser is also designed to last and work efficiently for a very long time. It comes with an additional recipe eBook as a bonus to help you learn new burger recipes. So, you’re not only making a burger for the family, but you’re also learning some new recipes that will help boost your culinary skills, all in one package.


  • Makes perfectly round burgers of equal proportion, stuffed or unstuffed
  • Rugged but nice physical build
  • A jack of all trades
  • Features Supreme Clean for easy cleaning

2. Cuisinart Burger Press

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The Cuisinart Burger Press is popularly known as a 3-in-1 stuffed hamburger patty maker because it offers three options of usage, which means that you can either choose to make regular burgers, sliders, or even stuffed burgers.

With this accessory in your kitchen, there will be nothing to slow you down, especially since you don’t have to waste any time in getting wax paper or other utensils ready.

The makers of this device made usage very easy with straightforward operation. Once your meatball is loaded into the dish, you have to press with the lid/handle.

The stack-and-go design of the Cuisinart Burger Press makes it easy for outdoor use, so when you want to make a burger while on a trip, trust this accessory to make it easy for you.


  •    Dishwasher safe
  •    Can be used on-the-go
  •    Made of stainless steel
  •    Non-sticky surface

3. Pampered Chef Burger Press

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No doubt, this ranks high as one of the best burger presses in today’s accessories market because of its incredible level of performance. When you’re looking for a high-quality Burger Press that helps you make nice DIY burgers at home, then this product is for you. It is excellent for creating turkey burgers, hamburgers, veggie burgers, or any other burger you want to make. Combining style, quality, and performance, the Pampered Chef Burger Press is the perfect fit for any kitchen, and you already know that Pampered Chef means high quality.


  •    Combines style with a good performance level
  •    Dishwasher safe
  •    Jack of many trades

4. Stufz As Seen On TV Burger Press

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As advertised, this burger press helps you make a burger like a pro. With a quite amazing build quality, the Stufz As Seen On TV Burger Press will wow you when you begin to use it. The product is outstanding for making delicious, mouthwatering burgers stuffed with your favorite filling, such as mushrooms, cheese, garlic, onions or, in fact, whatever you want. The process is as easy as you would desire: shape it, stuff it, and seal it!

When next you are looking for an excellently designed burger press with the right quality to give you fantastic burgers, look no further than Stufz As Seen On TV Burger Press. It’s worth the investment!


  •    Made of high-quality food gradable material
  •    Dishwasher safe
  •    Allows you the liberty of customizing your burger to meet your needs

5. Tupperware Burger Press

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From innovative kitchen accessories to functional devices, Tupperware has been working well to meet up with customers requirements. Again, they bring a good level of quality to the production of this brand of Tupperware.

No doubt, the ease of usage brought by this product means that it can be used even without prior instruction. If you fancy planning meals, and your family loves burgers, then this press is really for you. It is kitchen supportive and boasts of an impressive standard of durability. It’s worth owning in every kitchen, seeing how it makes shaped patties look attractive.


  •    Easy to use
  •    Four freezer containers
  •    Dishwasher safe

6. Weston Burger Press

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If you’re not a fan of unnecessarily sticky patties on the surface of your burger press, then a heavy-duty aluminum, non-sticky model like this is your best bet.

The fantastic functionality that this product offers is enough reason for it to be on this list. Its aluminum build means that it is easy to maintain and to make it even better, most of its parts are removable, to make cleaning quite easy.

The product’s design makes adjusting the thickness of the patty easier to give you a perfect patty shape. If you want to make stuffed patties, then this handy kitchen tool is the right one for you.


  •    Easy to clean
  •    Compatible with almost every kind of meat
  •    Durable
  •    Adjustable thickness

7. Cabelas Burger Press

Cabela's burger press

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Want a burger press that pays so much attention to the shape of burgers? Then this is the perfect kitchen tool for you. Famed for producing perfect shaped burgers, the Cabelas Burger Press has everything in place to make for enjoyable use.

Its sturdy aluminum base makes for durability, and the non-sticky burger press process combined with its convenient lifting handle helps ensure that the burger is removed quite easily.

This all-in-one burger press makes nearly everything from regular burgers to even stuffed burgers.

Cabelas Burger Press is fit for making the following patties: 1/2Ibs, 3/4Ibs and Mini’s. You’ll have a ton of fun experimenting with this burger press, and maybe you’ll find a new grilling hobby!


  •    Easy to use
  •    Sturdy aluminum base
  •    Dishwasher safe

8. GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press Aluminium Hamburger Patty Maker

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No doubt, the simplicity of the GWHOLE burger press will fascinate you when you compare it with other burger presses on the market. It’s a non-stick model, so you don’t have to fear your burger sticking to the sides. The non-stick mold is designed with die-cast and a plastic handle, making it one of the most straightforward looking burger presses you would see on the market.

The product also has a ribbed pattern that brings a seared effect to the grilled burger, further reducing the risk of sticking to the grill.

The whole machine is detachable for easy cleaning. You can also use wax paper to store the patties or get it into a fridge.

The company also has a 60 day money back guarantee, so there’s no real need to be worried about this purchase, since you’re sure of getting your money back in an event when it doesn’t meet your demand.


  •    Dishwasher safe
  •    Detachable for easy cleaning
  •    Reduced risk of sticking to the grill
  •    Comfortable and very flexible design

9. Cave Tools Burger Maker

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Okay, maybe the only thing that beats having a good juicy burger is being able to make it at home. Most pre-made burger patties usually are not as thick as you want. This is a big reason why you should be able to make your patties. Having a hamburger patty maker can help get you something far juicier than regular burgers. The Cave Tools burger maker is one kitchen tool worth trying by every burger lover.

Unlike most other products, the Cave Tools Hamburger Press gives you an opportunity to freeze your burger without the fear of it losing shape. It’s that easy – make them in the press and stack the tray into your fridge or freezer.

No doubt, it is one of the easiest to use burger presses on the market, so anybody should be able to use it with just very little expertise. There’s also no messy shaping, so the burger comes out just the way you want it to.


  •    Dishwasher safe
  •    Easy to use
  •    No messy shaping
  •    Makes freezing easy

10. Burger Master Innovative 8 in 1 Burger Press and Freezer

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This burger press type is designed to make the process of the homemade burger easier and more efficient. The makers of this device understand the need for speed and efficiency in the process of burger making, hence they’ve made the device to go beyond the usual single burger press, to be able to shape and store up to 8 burger patties at once.

The awkward moment when you’re thinking of something tasty to make quickly has been taken care of. A separate compartment in the device makes it easy to prevent burns and prevent patties from sticking together.

It can hold up to 2 pounds of fish, ground meat or vegetarian burger mix.


  •    Dishwasher Safe
  •    Cooler pack for frozen food
  •    Easy to use
  •    Shapes 8 burgers at once

11. KWS HP-130 Hamburger Patty Press Maker, Hamburger Press

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No doubt, this ranks high as one of the best burger presses in today’s accessories market because of its incredible level of performance. This all-in-one burger press supports you to make nearly everything from regular burgers to even stuffed burgers and beyond.

It combines incredible functionality with ease of usage. It is worth gracing the kitchen of any family that desires homemade burgers that are delicious, juicy and easy to make.


  •    Compact design and easy operation
  •    Dishwasher friendly
  •    Removable bowl assembly

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How to Use a Burger Press

Using a burger press for the first time can pose many difficulties to the user. You will find an instruction manual in every burger press you buy, so try to read and understand them. However, we’ve posted a video above detailing exactly how to use a burger press.

Here is the most common way to handle your burger press correctly.

  1. Disassemble and clean the parts of the press when it arrives – Use warm water and dish soap for this. Lubricate moving parts with food grade oil afterward.
  2. Place the burger press on a surface that’s smooth and leveled, ensuring that the base is stable.
  3. Form your minced meat into a nice ball that’s not too big for the specs of your press.
  4. Take out the handle of the press and carefully place the meatball into the press dish.
  5. Replace the handle on top and apply pressure as if you’re trying to close the dish.
  6. Finally, release the handle, and from the lower side, push the bottom tray up. The tray will come up to reveal a nice meat patty.

Making a burger is that simple. With a few simple steps and the right burger press, you will be eating perfect burger patties every time you want them. With the knowledge this guide has provided you, picking the perfect burger press shouldn’t ever be difficult!