Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Wireless

3 Reasons You Should NOT Buy A Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

Are you looking for a way to whiten your teeth? There are multiple ways to brighten your smile. For example, you can use whitening strips, toothpaste, or even charcoal to whiten your teeth and achieve a nice smile.

However, there are some ways that are normally used to whiten the teeth but they are too risky or useless. You want to make sure you’re not falling for something that has the potential to harm your health. And you definitely don’t want to spend a ton of money on something that’s not going to work at all.

This blog will talk about a new product called the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit, which promises effective and meaningful whitening results within a short time. If you are going to buy it, keep reading so that you are able to make an informed decision and decide if this product is best for you.

Let’s begin with the most basic question.

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Wireless

Snow’s New Teeth Whitening Wireless Kit

What is a Snow Teeth Whitening Kit?

This is essentially an ‘at-home’ teeth whitening technology that promises to help you whiten your teeth in a relatively short amount of time.

Why this product has become so popular is mainly because it does not require a prescription from a certified dental professional, and it is an FDA-approved tooth whitening technology. Obviously, this product is easy to acquire without a prescription by simply purchasing it online.

The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit has many amazing success stories, even from people who you might recognize. Many famous people use this product and claim to have had great results.

It is also claimed that their system is an award-winning system for making teeth whiter, and they are always trying to better their technology and consistently trying to release more innovative products.

Snow also donates an amount out of their sales to help underprivileged children get fair dental treatment. We love this!

Fundamentally, the Snow Teeth Whitening Treatment Kit is an at-home technology, approved by the FDA,  and it promises ‘dentist-level’ teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost.

How to Buy Snow

Purchasing Snow is not very difficult. All you need to do is visit Snow’s online store and you can purchase it from there.  You can also click here to purchase from their store.

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Snow claims to deliver your order quickly, and they provide free shipping. This is available for customers within the United States. However, if you are ordering from outside of the USA, there will be a small fee you’ll be required to pay.

Even though Snow doesn’t really offer a money-back guarantee, they do give you 100%  results guarantee.

What does this mean?

This simply means that if the results do not satisfy you, the company will gladly replace the whitening serum. In other words, Snow won’t accept any returns or give you cash refunds. Instead, they will, at best, only issue some store credit in the form of a gift card.

My Snow Teeth Whitening Review

Having had an introduction to what a Snow Teeth Whitening Kit is, let me now go over my thoughts about the kit. This review will talk about the features of this kit and let you know if it fulfills what it claims to do.

Unlike other teeth whitening systems, Snow’s teeth whitening kit makes use of an LED-filled mouth tray which can be plugged into any electronic device, speeding up your results (and a wireless kit is also available).

The kit also uses a gel formula which, according to their claims, is the world’s most advanced formula for teeth whitening. It is the only one with the ability to cut through deep stains left by coffee and wine. Snow also makes a powerful claim that theirs is the only whitening gel that has the ability to do all of this without using harmful chemicals or animal testing practices!

This company was founded in 2015 and is partially owned by NFL star Rob Gronkowski. Snow gives you the promise that it will provide you with the best teeth whitening results that money can buy.

But before rushing out to become one of their thousands of fans (celebrities and others), it would be wise to understand how Snow compares to other whitening gels and systems and, out of these, find out which options will give you the most value.

So, let’s begin by going over what their kit contains.

Having a closer look at Snow’s Teeth Whitening Kit

Every complete snow system comes with the following important components:

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Instructions 

Instructions on Using Your Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

Before you begin using the kit, you will need to brush your teeth for at least two minutes.

Then, floss and rinse your mouth.

After this, take out the company’s proprietary whitening serum and paint it onto each tooth. This process is similar to painting your nails.

Snow comes with an advanced mouth tray that uses patented LED activating technology and allows it to emit ultra-safe wavelengths of light. The official company statement is that these wavelengths will help you whiten your teeth faster, and no harm shall occur to your mouth or body in any way!

All that you are required to do is to connect the device to a computer or even to a smartphone and then you can insert it into your mouth comfortably.

Once inserted into your mouth, you’ll want to keep it there for between 10 to 30 minutes. How long you want it there would depend on your desired level of whitening.

Lastly, you will unplug the LED tray, removing it from your mouth. After taking it out of your mouth, you should rinse both your mouth and the tray.

The company has gone on to make advancements in this field. Although the first generation of this product is a plug in version, they now have a newly introduced version which is wireless and available here!

The Current Snow Teeth Whitening System vs New Wireless System

Although Snow’s soon-to-be-released wireless system uses the same proprietary whitening formula which is used in their current version, this new system is distinguished from the existing whitening formula in one key aspect.

It introduces a new space-saving design that will help neatly store the components in your bathroom. Also, this new design is pro-travel. So, if you need to whiten your teeth while you are the on go, you can do so easily by using this new system!

The fundamental difference between their existing and new technology lies in their new mouth tray. Compared to the older tray, this new mouth tray features dual-light technology, a blue LED for professional whitening paired with a red LED for eliminating what is called gingivitis-causing bacteria, and this can help with receding gum lines.

The new mouth tray boasts wireless operation coupled with a waterproof design which will allow you to even whiten your teeth while you are taking a shower. It has wireless charging, and the best part is that the tray can definitely self-sanitize itself, killing 99.9% of germs.

Lastly, Snow’s new kit comes with a mobile app which allows you an opportunity to set goals and keep track of the changes in your teeth while, at the same time, earning free products and rewards.

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Next, let’s analyze the ingredients contained in the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit.

Analyzing Snow Teeth Whitening Kit’s Ingredients

Their website consistently asserts the proprietary nature of their professional teeth whitening serums and refers to them as ‘revolutionary’ and the ‘world’s most advanced’, while also stressing that they happen to be far more effective than anything else available on the market today.

Despite all these claims, their website does not list any of their ingredients. If you explore their website trying to find out the material they use to make their serum, you’ll end up with nothing.

When reaching out, their customer service mentioned the following details:

“We use a proprietary serum, but the active ingredients include hydrogen and carbamide peroxide, as well as sodium bicarbonate. Strength ranges from 8-12% for regular and 16-19% for maximum strength. European versions do not utilize hydrogen peroxide due to country standards.”

Whether you have or have not tested the Snow system yourself, the question still remains if the ingredients in at-home whitening kits normally give the same stain-fighting power as you get after a session with your dental professional.  

It is indeed a valid question, especially since they claim that “Our results can be compared more to a $500-1000 dentist treatment, at a fraction of the cost and done in the comfort of your home.” We believe that yes, you can get the same desired results and at a fraction of the cost!

3 Reason You Should NOT Buy A Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

In this section, we will explain some of the side effects and downsides of a Snow Teeth Whitening Kit and give you a few things to think about before purchasing one.

1 – Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Is Expensive (Kind Of)

So, is Snow really that expensive?

It depends. If you compare it with Crest whitening strips, then Snow is certainly far more expensive and costly.

However, the kit is fairly cheap compared to what a dentist charges for their services. One thing that is pretty obvious here is that this kit is certainly well worth the cost.

You can buy the current Snow Teeth Whitening Kit for $150, whereas the newer version is available for pre-sale at $299.

There are three, six, and nine-packs of whitening serum refill wands with each at a 2 ml size, and they will cost you between $25 and $75. Moreover, there are one, two, three, and six-packs of max-strength refills (4 ml each) that are available for a price range varying between $25 and $65.

Also, keep in mind that a portion of every sale goes toward helping a deserving child who needs dental work, which can’t be said about Crest or most dentists.

The shipping cost is charged during checkout and Snow ships this item from Arizona to more than 195 countries and states all over the world!

The company provides you with a 100% results guarantee and also a five-year warranty. However, note that you cannot return the product or claim a refund in case you want to do so.

2. Snow White Teeth Whitening Kit Caused Sensitive Teeth For Me (Although Minimal)

Just as with any other teeth whitener that is on the market, Snow has its own downsides and shortcomings. One of these downsides is that the kit may likely cause teeth sensitivity.

However, the sensitivity caused by Snow is NOTHING compared to that caused by Crest whitening strips. Comparatively, the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit even comes with a sensitivity wand that you can use after whitening, so you’re not suffering from sensitivity for too long.

As stated already, the sensitivity with Snow is minimal when compared to Crest whitening strips, which can lead to so much sensitivity that it becomes next to impossible to continue using them. Snow’s enamel-safe professional formula is exclusive to them, and only Snow has the right to sell it. This new revolutionary formula prevents hypersensitivity, making it gentler than Crest whitening strips.

Snow Teeth Whitening Desensitizing Serum

The best part is that I only noticed the sensitivity 15 minutes after I removed the mouthpiece, but after that didn’t notice anything further. That’s a win for me!

3. Snow Teeth Whitening Kit May Cause Gum Sensitivity

With frequent use of this kit, you are likely to get  a little bit of gum sensitivity. Same as with the tooth sensitivity above, I only noticed this for 15 minutes after using the kit. In addition to this, it was much gentler than other teeth whitening kits I’ve used in the past.

7 Reason You Should Buy Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

Here are 7 basic reasons why the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit might be useful for you:

1 – Snow teeth whitening kit is SO convenient

The kit has a convenient size which makes it super easy to travel with.  It will help you whiten your teeth anytime, anywhere! There is no requirement for batteries, as it plugs right into your phone, computer, tablet, or wall charger with the initial version. If you upgrade to the new wireless version, you can really whiten your teeth anywhere without the need for a plug.

Snow Teeth Whitening Wireless LED Mouthpiece is super convenient.

2. Results are fast

Using this, you will notice a great difference in just three sessions.  Most people start to see results only after 3 30-minutes sessions. I have posted my husband and I’s results from day 1 to day 3 to day 14 to day 30. Pretty amazing!

Mind you, we had pretty white teeth to begin with as we are on camera a lot with our show, The Dry Eye Show on YouTube, but this made a HUGE difference in how our teeth looked on camera.  Check out an episode before we started whitening by clicking here and check out an episode after 30 days by clicking here.  

Don’t forget to subscribe to our show too!! 🙂

3. No harmful ingredients like other Teeth Whiteners

Snow claims that their formula is an innovative and unique proprietary formula with only healthy and good-for-you ingredients.

4. Cheaper than the Dentist

If you have tried whitening strips and thought about getting your teeth whitened at the dentist, then you know how expensive this is! This kit, however, is professional grade and actually works. It really is so much cheaper than visiting the dentist.

5. 5-Year Warranty

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit comes with a 5-year warranty. The warranty is mentioned on the product. You can feel great about how a company like Snow trusts in their product quality.

6. It is Celebrity Endorsed

Even though this is not a good reason to buy this or any other product, it definitely gives a great reason to look into the benefits and consider purchasing. If you are skeptical, then you should see that a lot of renowned celebrities are endorsing it and there are hundreds of positive reviews and feedback by tens of thousands of people.  Click here to check out all their reviews.  

7. Charitable aspect

When you buy a Snow Teeth Whitening Kit, a portion of your purchase goes toward children that need dental care. The company donates a part of their profits to help children receive adequate dental care who can’t afford it.

As there are 17 million children in America who remain out of access to dental care, you can contribute to bringing an end to their suffering.

This aligns perfectly with our mission in life, which is to help the over 1 billion people who are needlessly blind due to a lack of glasses.  We definitely love this part of Snow’s mission.

My Final Verdict

Having discussed the relevant details, pros, cons, and features of Snow Teeth Whitening Kit, let’s proceed to get a final verdict on the item.

The fundamental question is, should one really buy Snow?


This is the shortest answer to the question. Snow’s teeth whitening product is a highly useful product that has generated effective results for us and many people we know. For thousands of people around the globe, this has been a truly game-changing product that has brought a their smile and confidence back. There are videos on YouTube and Facebook regarding the benefit of Snow teeth whitening kit, so make sure to check those out.

It is, in our opinion, the best teeth whitening product on the market today.  

If you are aiming for cleaner, whiter teeth without having to waste hours and lots of money visiting dentists, then Snow Teeth Whitening Kit is definitely a great choice.

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Have you tried Snow? Or do you have another favorite teeth whitening system? Let us know in the comments below!