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Best4YourHome is a website for homeowners and dedicated to all matters of housekeeping. Our experts give useful tips on housecleaning, organizing rooms as well as usage and maintenance of home appliances. From handheld vacuums and robot vacuum cleaners to steam irons and dishwashers, we also make reviews of the best household appliances available in the market.

We understand the importance of education for young people and are aware of the fact that education isn’t accessible to everyone. To support students, Best4YourHome has launched an annual $1000 Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Program is available to graduate and undergraduate students. International students are also welcome to apply for the program.


Scholarship 2017 Winners

Thanks to everyone who took part in applying for our Scholarship 2017. We have received 116 applications, and here is the TOP 5:

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WINNERBryce ChurchRoseman University College of Dental Medicine
2Amy DellUnity College
3Audrey HartnettColumbia College
4Shannon FitzpatrickDePaul University
5John WilsonTruckee Meadows Community College

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When I get home from school every evening, I am greeted with screams and hugs exuding from my 20-month-old son. “Dada! Dada! Ball! Ball!” He then runs to his room to grab as many of his mini baseballs, footballs and racquetballs as he can hold. We throw them back-and-forth until he gets tired or hungry. My wife Melissa and I take turns feeding him at the dinner table, then nap time, story time, and bedtime follow. Afterwards, Melissa and I are ready to fall over from exhaustion. We look around the apartment, however, and see our son’s toys scattered all over, dishes starting to pile up, and laundry needing to be folded. Keeping the house in order with a toddler dwelling on the premises is an ongoing battle we occasionally lose. Though there is no silver bullet, Melissa and I have developed three main strategies that can bring cleanliness, coziness and comfort to a home with young children.

#1 – Own Less Stuff

When looking around your home, you may be surprised at the number of things you own but never use. These things should either be sold or thrown away, because unnecessary clutter will make a home feel cramped and messy, especially when children add to it. When our son began walking and making widespread messes, Melissa spent hours redecorating and selling or discarding many of our things. We still had the furniture we needed, but the bulky side tables, lamps, desks, plants and chairs were replaced by open space. I was concerned at first, but when she finished, our home felt immaculate and enormous. I then became a believer. Now when our son wreaks havoc, it does not seem as messy, and the home still feels intact. He is also more likely to play with his toys than to try to knock over a piece of furniture. Avoiding clutter is critical for any home, but the importance is magnified when a home is occupied by destructive minions. A child can only mess up or break what is available to mess up or break, so make the options slim.

#2 – Clean Up Throughout the Day

There are few feelings more upsetting than looking around the house at the end of a long day and seeing messes that have been allowed to grow. The toddler stage is tough, because their attention span is as short as their tiny legs. They will play with blocks and two minutes later run over to grab the toy cars, and so on. This can quickly lead to a malignant tumor of toys unless we clean up, while having him help us, after every couple activities. Before he wakes up and during his nap are the perfect times to do the laundry and dishes, or at least start them. A full-time parent’s day is full of cleanup sessions, but it is worth having a tranquil home to enjoy when he finally goes to bed.

#3 – Cycle the Toys and Put Everything Where It Goes

It seems like anytime a family member or close friend comes to visit us, they feel the need to buy our toddler a new toy. We are grateful for the gesture, but he nearly has more toys than his closet can hold. Melissa’s solution was that we create a certain amount of space dedicated to his toys, and once the space was outgrown, each time a toy was received, a toy had to go. This has saved us from being overrun by plastic dinosaurs and Hotwheels. Melissa also organized bins for each kind of toy. Every time a stuffed animal is taken out to play with, for example, it will go back in the ‘Stuffed Animal’ bin. This not only helps us find specific toys, but teaches our son how to be organized and clean.


Over the years, Melissa and I have found that our home needs to be a haven for our family. If we cannot feel comfortable and in control inside our own home, we have a difficult time feeling comfortable or in control outside it. The three tips I offer may not solve every problem for young families with children, but if followed they will absolutely add a level of peace and warmth. By owning less things, perpetually cleaning up, and organizing your child’s toys effectively, a home with rambunctious children can feel even cozier than a home with only boring adults.


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In the future, the basis of housekeeping will be low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly solutions to housekeeping problems. Changes to housekeeping will be observed through advancements in products, the construction of smart houses, and the organization of smart communities.

The first thing that will likely change is cleaning products. Cleaning products made with essential oils and no harsh chemicals will be more popular because of the health and environmental benefits. These products are already available and will grow in diversity and use throughout the years. Toxic chemicals, when in cleaning products, can be exposed to babies and pets, with potential health implications. The products also impact the environment because they enter the water source and soil.

New products will arise to meet the demand for environmental consciousness and practicality. Edible plates, cups, and silverware would take away the need to wash dishes and would allow for there to be less waste and water used. These will help the environment, and help to save clean water for drinking. Self-cleaning toilets would make housekeeping easier and provide for a more sanitary bathroom. These products will be available online, for example on Amazon, so that they will be easily accessible.

The next thing that will change is the construction of houses in response to housekeeping needs. Smart houses – homes where appliances and household systems can be remotely controlled together – will be popular in the future, allowing for innovations in housekeeping. Because the appliances can run on a schedule, the clothes washer, dishwasher, and other daily appliances can run on their own when they are filled. Robot vacuum cleaners run by themselves and clean the house thoroughly. This automatic running of vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and clothes washer allows for the chores to be done without being turned on by a human. This also allows for the appliances to be run at times when there is not high energy usage. Smart homes also control heating and lighting. LED lights will be utilized by Smart homes in a variety of appliances. LED lights last longer and do not have to be changed as frequently.

The last thing that will change is the construction and organization of communities. There will be household appliances in new homes that make it easier to recycle and compost waste. For example, there could be systems that allow you to recycle waste by throwing it into a chute that travels directly to the recycling facility in the city. A chute could also make composting easier by providing a place in the home where you could throw your compost that travels directly to the composting area in the city. This would take away the need to take out the recycling and compost every day, simplifying housework in the future. These infrastructure advancements could arise within the next fifty years with the growth of housing on newly developed lands. This would allow for the dramatic changes to the sewer and chute lines throughout the new cities. Community gardens, including rooftop gardens and plants in the home, can purify the air and provide fruits and vegetables for use by owners. Purifying the air reduces the need for dusting and helps people with asthma.

The future of housekeeping is practical products, responsible homeownership, and innovative community construction that is available to everyone.


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The sunlight intrudes into my drowsy eyes as I greet the morning, grateful for the luxury of sleeping in on this fine Saturday. Stretching my legs and rolling over, my feet find their way into my cozy slippers before I fumble for the button atop the headboard of my bed. I press the button and the quiet machinery whirrs, with precision the contraption makes my bed, saving my time and energy for a more pressing matter: what to eat for breakfast.

I make my way downstairs and hear the sizzle and pop of my programmable chef hard at work. The aroma of fresh toast and bacon, cruelty free of course, fills my nose. I begin to feel akin to one of Pavlov’s dogs as I admittedly salivate. My fingers are quick to curl around my silverware, with anticipation I dig into my feast of a breakfast. Nothing satisfies quite like a meal cooked to perfection, downloaded from the best of chefs. Relieved to no longer have to deal with the hassle of cleaning dishes, I hand the task off to the loading belt next the sink. A few specifications made on the front screen are all that is needed to start the chore. The belt hums as it brings the plates into its closed off compartment, I wait until I hear the beep that signifies that it is beginning the cleaning cycle.

A short stroll takes me to the bathroom where I am met with a fully automated mirror listing my tasks for the week along its exterior side. The product dispenser recognizes the chip I my toothbrush and doles out just the right amount of toothpaste. The decision of what makeup look to choose is made simple via the mirror simulation that lets me try out various cosmetics before actually putting them on. I opt for a natural look because I plan to spend the day volunteering at the local food pantry. After grabbing the few necessities, I head out for the day.

Returning upon a long day of work at the food pantry, I am on a mission to get ready for my date tonight. The warm water of the shower flows over my shoulders, easing away any tension. The customizable scent feature is only the start of what it comes equipped with. After each shower it self- sanitizes, making the bathroom a cleaner and safer place. Approaching the closet to get dressed, the touch screen module allows me to mix and match outfit combinations virtually without creating the mess that actually trying them on yields. Once I find the perfect dress, the module suggests a beautiful set of earrings to accompany it, preventing the back and forth thought process of pawing through all of the choices. I feel confident that I am well prepared to head out for the night.

I get home later this night, eager to throw on my pajamas. I toss my clothes into the laundry sorter, which luckily prevents my clothes from otherwise being thrown on the floor. Washing my face with the skin care products that the mirror recommends based on its skin analysis, I feel refreshed and ready for bed. I curl up in the covers and feel satisfied, reflecting over the day. While all of the home advancements certainly make everyday life easier and more convenient, the time saved from not having to care for menial chores allowed me to pay attention to things that really matter. Providing outreach in the community became a more realistic option because of the freedoms granted because of technology. I also had the opportunity to socialize and possibly meet someone significant because of the flexibility of a more open schedule. The ability to enjoy such activities while still maintaining a clean and healthy home environment is absolutely priceless.


[su_spoiler title=”Shannon Fitzpatrick: Imagine what housekeeping can be like in the future” open=”no” style=”simple” icon=”arrow” anchor=”” class=””]

Cooking robots, cleaning robots, teacher robots. They all seem a bit futuristic like the Jetsons but did you know that these robots already exist? Well maybe they are still a little too expensive for our paychecks but just give it time and they will be in everyone’s households. Let’s look at the Roomba for example. If you would have told anyone 30 years ago that we’d have robot vacuums that are so commonplace, that you wouldn’t bat an eye, they would have thought we were crazy. But now we do. We have robot vacuums and robot moppers (if that’s even a word). Last week on IFL Science, a post about a robot chef trended on the web, sparking comments about how futuristic and cool the idea is. This robot chef is built with AI, to learn cooking from the worlds top chefs, mimicking their style to prepare a Michelin 5-star dish, right in your own home. Now, seeing that this chef robot will be able to prepare over 2,000 of these gourmet meals, this idea seems a little steep but the article states that the Moley brand chef robot is already for sale at $15,000 each. I can imagine it will just be a matter of time before more economical versions of the Moley robot are released and this becomes a household staple. I can only imagine what this will do for the restaurant industry.

Going back to my first point on the Roomba, there are more advanced cleaning bots being released daily and this makes complete sense because if we think about the hotel industry, cleaning staff if a large chunk of their bill. But when we think of the inefficiencies of human cleaners, such as back issues, missing areas of cleaning and the need for time off, we can see why hotels would find robots more attractive for the job. If you search ‘housekeeping robots’ online, you will find robots from vacuuming to toilet scrubbing so it’s just a matter of time before robots are doing our laundry and tucking us in at night. Now, some might say that the future looks lazy. But when we think about it, technology may have made cleaning easier and to its detriment, it’s made working more productive. What I mean by this is that we don’t leave our work at the office anymore. A big chunk of society works from home and if they don’t work from home, they have their work emails coming in on their phones which allows employees to work around the clock. Sure, in the 1980’s we might not have had Roombas and Chef Robots but nowadays, we have so much technology to aid with productivity, that it makes humans work more. So maybe we do need all of these robots to help us with our mundane tasks because we all know if more technology comes out to make work more portable, we will be spending a lot more time in front of our computers and have a lot less time to cook and clean.


[su_spoiler title=”John Wilson: House of the Future” open=”no” style=”simple” icon=”arrow” anchor=”” class=””]

The house of the future will be a smart house, with money saving and convenient features that will save you time, be energy efficient and be highly customizable. You will be able to generate your own power with renewable resources. It will be an uncomplicated, interconnected marvel to make your life better.

A whole new line of apps will start emerging to make your house uniquely yours. From robot vacuums to dust resistant surfaces, these features will save you time on cleaning. Smart fridges will have a display that can tell you what they have in them will save you money, by knowing what you want before you even open the door. Powered countertops will allow you to run appliances without ever having to plug them in, like how a wireless charger works with your cellphone. Having a slow cooker that cools and then heats up, you could make dinner a day before you eat it. We all know the bathroom can get cluttered very easily with cords from various beauty components. By equipping them with wireless charging we will eliminate that clutter, by implementing the same wireless counter technology as in the kitchen. Having a fog proof mirror and equipping it with a smart screen you can listen to or watch your favorite programs or the news while you got ready.

By wearing a smart device, the house will learn your patterns and adjust heating and cooling in rooms according to who is in the room. It will also be able to heat and cool only the rooms that people are in, instead of heating and cooling all areas of the house. Having auto-adjustable sunshades will help with your energy consumption as well. These smart devices will even work as the lock to your house. Working with facial recognition, you will no longer need a key; just walk up to your door and it will open for you. Plus, you will be able to operate anything in your house by using these devices.

Security will be the biggest issue with these houses of the future. You don’t want your whole house online, but you will still need to access the internet at times. Having your house on an offline server will help with maybe just your wearable smart device the only link between your house and the internet. You will code these devices with fingerprint technology or even DNA technology to make them harder to hack.

Keeping your house solar or wind powered will keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. With the automation of heating and cooling and smart windows that will raise and lower the shades, these technologies will save you energy and money as well. The house of the future will be a wonderous thing for those willing to embrace them. It will spark new ideas that soon will be in every house whether it is smart or not. New industries will rise from the boom of these smart houses, and people will want them for convenience and to save money. I will be making this technology a reality, as it is my dream.



Scholarship 2018 will be announced in coming days

How to Apply

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Applicants need to write an essay of 500-1000 words on one of the following topics:

  • Organization and principles of housekeeping

What should be included in housekeeping to create coziness and comfort in the house? Propose your strategy for effective housekeeping.

  • Household of the future

Imagine what kind of housekeeping can be in the future. For example, you can describe household appliances that do not exist now but can help in housekeeping in the future, how homework will be organized in the future, the role of smart houses in housekeeping, etc.


Your keys to winning a scholarship

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  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Interesting writing style




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Send an essay to an email You should provide following personal information in the letter:

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  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Email
  • The name of your University/College, Department/Course
  • Year of Graduation
  • GPA



Terms and conditions for Best4YourHome Scholarship Program

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  • Graduate and undergraduate students of universities/colleges are eligible to apply;

  • The essay must be provided in the Word format. Include your personal information on the first page;

  • The essay should be in English;

  • Final date for submission is March 31, 2018. We will choose the winner by April 15, 2018;

  • The prize will be paid to the university directly;

  • Winner will be notified by email and on this page;

  • We will run Best4YourHome Scholarship Program annually;

  • Best4YourHome reserves the exclusive rights to publish the articles received. Personal information of applicants will not be published;

  • Best4YourHome will not charge or ask for any fees from any student who wishes to join the program.



If you have any questions about Scholarship program please feel free to contact Best4YourHome at